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Aqua-Barrier® Flood Protection (Formerly WIPP)

Aqua-Barrier® – The Ultimate Flood Protection

With today’s advancements in technology, we’ve been able to more accurately predict where disasters are going to occur in nature. This is important because we can gauge whether or not there will be major flood damage, tornados or other types of catastrophe that cause major damage to both land and property. HSI Services has created the Aqua-Barrier® Flood Barrier that reduces the risk or minimizes the damage of businesses’ valuable property while maximizing protection during floods.

Flood Protection For Industrial | Commercial Areas

Natural Disasters are the cause of massive damage to land and property all over the world. Most of these disasters strike without warning while others take days or hours to formulate. One of the most devastating forms of natural disasters is flooding. The Aqua-Barrier® is the ultimate flood barrier for commercial areas. Using Aqua-Barrier® Flood Barrier to guard your business by placing it around the premises will help to prevent invasive water from damaging your property. You may have tried using sandbags to prevent invasive water from entering your property. The main problem with using sandbags is they aren’t user ready, and after the flood, they require Hazmat procedures for disposal, which adds another layer of unnecessary cost. Sandbags are also not environmentally safe like the Aqua-Barrier® Flood Barrier system. 

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Exclusive Features

Aqua-Barrier® Flood Barrier are constructed from industrial grade vinyl coated polyester. This fabric is laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. These units can be REPAIRED EASILY in the field in both wet or dry conditions, are REUSABLE and provide for compact storage, transportation, and ease of handling. To give our customers options, we are able to customize the size tailored to specific needs. Refer below to our US Standard and Metric tables indicating the sizes in which we manufacture the Aqua-Barrier®:

If you need help installing your Aqua-Barrier® Flood Barrier, please refer to the Installation section for more details. Protecting your commercial property is important. Why go through the hassle of having to rebuild when you can save using the Aqua-Barrier® Flood Barrier?  

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EZ Roller System

HSI Services is an exclusive distributor for the EZ Roller System.

How does it work?

The EZ Roller rolls your Aqua-Barrier® in minutes with only two people! Providing an even roll every time due to its double ratchet roller relationship. After tucking a small portion of the barrier into the slotted roller and inserting both ratchet arms you move the handlebars in opposite directions. The device rolls forward rolling up your Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam in just minutes. To view pictures of this system, please click on this link:  EZ-Roller. For more information, contact HSI Services today!

Resources For Our Aqua-Barrier® Flood and Emergency Customers

Our Aqua-Barrier® system is used for flood protection in commercial, industrial, and municipal areas. It minimizes the damage to our customers’ valuable properties while maximizing protection during floods.

We understand when preparing for a natural disaster, you won’t just need our help with protecting your business or worksite from the risk of invading water, you will also need information on items such as Flood InsuranceHurricane Preparedness, or Disaster Recovery Guide.

To better assist our customers, we provide the following list of useful resources:

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