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WIPP vs Sand bags

Comparing WIPP vs Sand bags

WIPP vs Sandbags for Commercial Flood Protection

People have been using sand bags as a form of flood protection for decades, and although they may be the first solution thought of, there are many drawbacks to using them. You may have tried using sand bags in the past to prevent invasive water from entering your property. And if you did, you found out the main problems with using sandbags are:

  • They aren’t user ready: They are time-consuming to lay and fill, difficult to handle.
  • They are susceptible to water seepage.  Sandbags do not provide a water tight seal can lead to leaks.
  • After the flood, they require Hazmat procedures for disposal.  They become contaminated waste once soaked with filthy floodwaters full of bacteria, creating disposal problems. This provides an additional cost to your clean up total.
  • They aren’t environmentally safe like the WIPP® system.

To compare our WIPP System with sandbags on items such as height, weight, and storage requirements, click here: WIPP vs Sand bags.

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