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HSI Services Video Library

The following are videos showcasing our products, demonstrations on the ease of setting up different flood protections, and installation processes. Click on the videos below to view each one. If you have any questions or need more details, please

HSI Services, Inc. provides water inflated dams used in construction dewatering projects and for flood protection:

Aqua-Barrier® in Trinidad:

AquaBarrier Full Installation in Nürnberg, Germany:

Demonstration of Aqua-Barrier® Flood Protector at MACs Hardware’s corporate office in Moorhead, MN:

Aqua-Barrier® Water Main Installation – May 2010:

Concrete repair using Aqua-Barrier®:

WIPP® Flood Barriers protect in case of levee breech:

Demonstrating how easy it is to set up flood protection using the Aqua-Barrier® Flood Protector:

This is an Aqua-Barrier® job where Aqua-Barrier® was installed behind a faulty levy as a line of flood protection in case the levy breaks:

HSI Services, Inc. news clip – looking back at American Environmental Review:

Residential Aqua-Barrier® Flood Protector:

Pipeline Dewatering:

Aqua-Barrier® flood barrier protecting Michigan State University against potential flooding:

Installing Aqua-Barrier® flood protection:

Boat ramp install:

Prosser Washington Bridge dewatering project:

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