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Preparing Your Property for Extreme Weather Conditions

Preparing Your Property for Extreme Weather Conditions

Preparing Your Property for Extreme Weather Conditions

Nature never rests and neither can you when it comes to protecting your property. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are unpredictable and pose serious threats to life and property. All three of these extreme weather conditions can also cause flooding. You never know when inclement weather will strike, so it’s good to always be prepared. Consider how to prepare your property for heavy flooding this year.

Extreme Weather and Flooding

According to floodsmart.gov, floods rank as the #1 natural disaster here in the United States. They are devastating to your property if you’re not prepared. The cost of just a few inches of floodwater can be tens of thousands of dollars. Normal homeowners insurance typically does not cover flooding. While it is a really good idea to have flood insurance, it always better to prevent flooding than recuperating from it. Since many different types of inclement weather also cause flooding, it is imperative to prepare your property for this year’s storms.

Prevention: The Best Option

This year make sure your property will not suffer damage from flooding by installing a flood barrier system. Prevent damage to your property from invasive water. A flood barrier system can be deployed within minutes by as little as 2 people. They can be repaired easily in wet or dry conditions, and are reusable. They create a barrier around your property by inflating themselves with the surrounding floodwater. Your property stays safe until the floodwaters recede.

Protect Your Property

There is no way to predict when inclement weather will pose a serious threat to your property. Your best defense is to prepare your property now for this year’s storms. Don’t get caught after the matter trying to repair damage and make insurance claims. Contact Us to learn more about how our flood barrier systems can protect your property during this year’s extreme weather and flooding.

Flooding Brings Challenges to Water and Wastewater Facilities

Flooding Brings Challenges to Water and Wastewater Facilities

With their unpredictable nature and destructive force, natural disasters are not a force to be reckoned with. While we cannot control the weather, there are proactive measures that we can take in order to mitigate the damages of a natural disaster such as a flood.

A flood can occur through many different ways outside of the typically acknowledged tropical storm or hurricane. Melting snow in the springtime, dam failures, tidal surges, and even local drainage issues can all contribute to a flood in your area. When a flood occurs in a residential home, homeowners can expect much of their valuables and property to be damaged or destroyed.

However, when a flooded wastewater treatment plant suffers damage, a whole community of people, including the personnel employed in the plant, can face far larger issues.

Clean drinking water becomes compromised during a flood, as power outages may hinder the plant’s operations and damaged assets in the plant may impede the conversion process of turning wastewater into a reusable water source.

Preventing a Flooded Wastewater Treatment Plant

According to the US EPA, practicing mitigation options is the best way to prevent floodwater from invasively appearing. Some of these options include crafting barriers around key assets, having an emergency back-up generator, and keeping key electrical equipment elevated.

Keeping these tips in mind will help to keep your wastewater facility from having to shut down. Back-up generators can prevent power outages and barriers/elevated equipment will minimize damage to the plant’s facilities and keep the staff from enduring dangerous working conditions.

The WIPP® Solution

Consider WIPP® as a solid solution for preventing invasive waters from entering your water or wastewater facility. This innovative water inflated flood barrier, acts as your property’s bodyguard, blocking any floodwater from entering. Installing the WIPP around the barrier of your plant before the start of a possible flood will greatly minimize and prevent any damage from occurring. Once all of the water has dissipated, the WIPP can simply be deflated and stored for the next possible flood occurrence.

Flood damage can reap havoc on treatment plants that are not well prepared, leaving you and your community at a disadvantage for clean drinking water.

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Hydrological Solutions is aware of the potential harm that floods may cause as we work toward protecting your water or wastewater facility from unforeseen and devastating damage. Contact us to learn more about being prepared for disastrous floods.

The Best Flood Barrier on the Market

WIPP Flood Barrier Protecting HomeNobody wants to deal with the aftermath of a flooded home or business. Unfortunately, high waters can invade your property, even when you know it’s coming. Most likely, you have spent a great deal of time and money on your property and you will want to protect that investment.

At Hydrological Solutions, we offer a flood barrier solution to combat this threat and provide you with the reassurance you need for worry-free protection during a flood.

Flood barriers can be beneficial for commercial, residential, and industrial, uses. You can place a barrier temporarily or permanently around individual buildings, or at building entrances to keep floodwaters from entering. They protect properties from high waters and flood damage giving you peace of mind during natural disasters like hurricanes and extreme rain.

 The Water Inflated Property Protector

Also called the WIPP® system, the inflatable and environmentally safe product is placed around the premises of your home or business to guard incoming water. It’s crafted from industrial grade polyester coated vinyl and laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. The unique use of fabrics allows them to be easily repaired, to be used in wet or dry conditions, are reusable and are compact for storage or transportation. The special blend of materials makes the WIPP® customizable in various sizes to fit your specific needs.

 An Alternative to Sand bags

Some people try using sandbags to prevent flood waters from entering a property or home. Besides not being environmentally safe, sand bags aren’t user ready–they aren’t prepared in advance, and after the flood, they require Hazmat procedures for disposal. This special needed discarding process adds an unnecessary additional cost, not accrued when using the WIPP® system.

 The WIPP® Guarantee

Natural Catastrophes are the reason behind substantial damage to land and property worldwide. Many of these unfortunate occurrences hit without warning. WIPP® is the best flood barrier on the market that can serve for both residential and commercial locations. The versatility and quality of its material guarantee to get the job done. Its reusability and ease of repair make it the ideal choice when threatened by flood waters.

Why risk it? Ditch the sandbags and protect your valuable property.

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