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3 Ways to Master Pool Water Conservation

3 Ways to Master Pool Water Conservation

3 Ways to Master Pool Water Conservation

water park repairWith El Nino patterns leaving many areas in drought conditions, homeowners are suffering from “pool guilt”. Water is scarce and putting thousands of gallons into a hole in the backyard does not sit well with some. However, pools do not waste as much water as you think and do not require refilling often. Many contractors and pool repair companies are turning to pool water conservation to reduce the impact on water supply even more.

Nonetheless, many contractors and pool repair companies are turning to pool water conservation to reduce the impact on water supply even more.

3 Options for Pool Water Conservation

Here are three ways you can conserve water, and still do a perfect job for your client.

Reduce Water Evaporation & Leakage

While the amount of water that escapes from your pool can sometimes be less than what’s wasted from a leaky toilet, evaporation and leaks do occur. Help your clients with water conservation tips that reduce water evaporation and leakage.

  • Recommend a good pool cover to reduce evaporation by about 90-95%
  • Check the pool pump to be sure it’s the correct size and speed for your client’s pool.
  • Have your client monitor their water bill for any changes that might indicate a leak and repair leaks right away.

Learn about more Water-Saving Tips for Swimming Pools & Spas.

Inflatable tanks

At times, conserving water during a pool repair job can seem impossible. You may be forced to drain all of the water (a precious commodity!) from the swimming pool to properly repair the pool. Storing the water during a repair like this allows you to manage pool water conservation while still performing quality work. Add an Insta-Tank to your pool repair equipment. These reusable inflatable tanks are designed to be swiftly deployed and suitable for storing fresh potable water – making them perfect for pool repair! Compact and light, they are easy to store, deploy, and move around if necessary. When you finish the repair, simply drain the water back into the pool, deflating and storing the Insta-tank for future use.

Partially Draining the Pool

Sometimes you can make a repair without completely draining the pool. Use a water-filled temporary cofferdam to dewater only the section of the pool needing the repair.

When strategically placed, the Aqua-Barrier® temporary cofferdam allows you to completely drain one side of the pool while holding water in the other side. Combine the Aqua-Barrier® with Insta-Tank to store the water removed until the job is done.

Clients can rest easy knowing that pool water conservation is just as important to you and your company as it is to them. Not only will they appreciate the quality of your work, but your clients will be able to enjoy their pool that much more knowing they had a part in protecting our water resources.

Summer is Coming Soon!

Summer is Coming Soon!The weather is starting to warm up, a sign that summer will soon be upon us.  That means that pools are beginning to be used again, the people are going to be out and about more at events, festivals, cookouts, and more.  What do these things all have in common?  They require water reserves.  Well, we have a product that can make the storage, transport, and use of all that water easier: our InstaTank™, your temporary water solution.

Our heavy duty vinyl InstaTank™ is compact, portable, and rapidly deployed.  It also comes in a variety of sizes, holding from 50 gallons to 90,000 gallons of fresh water.

  • Need to repair your pool? Conserve water and money by draining your pool into a reusable InstaTank™.
  • Hosting an event or festival? Use an InstaTank™ for water storage.
  • Having a cookout? InstaTank™ works great for portable cook wagons.
  • Want to harvest rain water to use during the dry season? InstaTank™ works for that too.
  • Do you need something that can hold water and provide a continuous flow that you can control? InstaTank™ can do that also.
  • There is even an InstaTank™ that is completely potable and made from a material that is approved by the USDA for drinking water purposes.


Let us provide you with the temporary water storage solution that you need.  For more information about this and other products and services, contact us at Hydrological Solutions today!