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How Cofferdams Protect Coasts and Shorelines

How Cofferdams Protect Coasts and Shorelines

How Cofferdams Protect Coasts and Shorelines

Whenever the destructive storms strike coastal regions of the United States, not only are houses and businesses destroyed but there is always damage to the shorelines as well. Shoreline erosion happens every year. Throughout severe weather and tropical storms, the losses are higher. Entire areas of shorefront may vanish. With the expectation of more brutal storms along with the projection of ascending sea levels worldwide, shoreline protection turns critical. Naturally this calls for Temporary and permanent methods to save beachfront properties, homes and businesses.


Cofferdams and Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline protection or shoreline restoration projects tap into various methods, from developing permanent structures to dewatering areas so maintenance or construction occurs. A range of products as well as methods can fulfill these kinds of requirements. These products are typically temporary structures or long-term.

As a temporary structure, a cofferdam is built to keep water and/or soil away from the excavation wherein a structure is built. Such structures may be bridges or piers among other things used for Shoreline protection or shoreline restoration. Whenever construction takes place below the water level, a cofferdam is constructed to provide workers a dry work environment.

The term “cofferdam” originates from “coffer” which means box, put simply a dam shaped like a box.

Inflatable dams

Inflatable dams are cylinder-shaped rubber material positioned across channels, streams or dam crests to elevate the upstream water level whenever inflated. A covering of stainless steel mesh or ceramic chips may be inlayed in the exterior layer to reduce or protect against vandal deterioration.
They are utilized to route water for irrigation, temporarily raising active dams, flood control, and safeguard low-lying coastal sections from tidal flooding, and for sewage retention/separation throughout flood situations. Inflatable dams may be filled with water, air or both.

Boat Ramp

Aqua barrier

An aqua barrier is water inflated barrier. Being both portable and reusable, these temp dams are another popular method during construction. This product is designed to be a portable dam that is perfect for a multitude of different dewatering projects that you may be working on and is a more effective  and environmentally safe alternative to sandbags.

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Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam Success Story: Fender Marine Construction

Hydrological Solutions Aqua Barrier can be utilized in many different industries. Water control is an element of successful dewatering projects ranging from bridge and dam building to pipeline repairs, shoreline restorations, and in this success story, an attraction at a popular american amusement park.


Cofferdam-For-Pump-Replacement3-600x400Fender Marine Construction is a Florida State Certified Marine Contractor and marine construction consultant company located in Orlando and throughout Florida. Fender Marine Construction’s dedication to using only the highest quality materials installed with the finest workmanship while giving a reasonable price is one reason why they are a highly sought after contractor.  




For their pump repair project, Universal Studios Orlando hired Fender Cofferdam-For-Pump-Replacement1-600x400 (1)Marine Construction to install the Aqua-Barrier inflatable cofferdam. The cofferdam was used to isolate a lagoon in order to allow for the pump repair. After the previous contractors that were hired to conduct the pump repair were not able to fix the problem, Universal Studios sought out the consultation and expertise of Cloud 9 Services, Inc. the parent company of Fender Marine Construction. Due to the versatility of the Aqua-Barrier, the pump was easily isolated and the crew was able to perform the work with ease. The simple and quick installation and removal of the cofferdam allowed the project to be completed on schedule.



Cofferdam-For-Pump-Replacement21-600x400The Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam is designed to be a portable dam that is perfect for a multitude of different dewatering projects that you may be working on and is a more effective  and environmentally safe alternative to sandbags. The key to preventing invasive waters from entering work sensitive areas is the cofferdam’s unique design and engineering. Contact Us today for more information about our cofferdam and how it can be utilized to meet your dewatering needs.



Aqua Barrier Hits The Road: Hydrological Solutions Exhibits at The FEPA Summer Symposium

Aqua Barrier Hits The Road: Hydrological Solutions Exhibits at The FEPA Summer Symposium

Hydrological Solutions packed its bags and headed to Orlando, Florida to exhibit at the 26th annual Florida Energy Pipeline Association Summer Symposium.

aqua barrierThe Symposium was held on August 12-14th.  Darrel Miller, President of Hydrological Solutions exhibited at the summit on the 12-13th.  The main goal Hydrological Solution’s attendance was to highlight our Aqua Barrier cofferdam.

Pictured Right: Hydrological Solutions Booth at FEPA


This was an excellent opportunity to education those in the pipeline industry about alternative dewatering solutions.  Inflatable cofferdams such as the Aqua Barrier, are a better solution to conventional dewatering options.  They are less expensive and more environmentally friendly than sandbags.  The Aqua Barrier is quickly and easily installed and disassembled in hours, contrary to steel cofferdams which can take days of construction, allowing work crews to continue their projects in a timely manner.





The FEPA Summer Symposium was a very fruitful and interesting event.  Hydrological Solutions was able to meet and greet many members in the pipeline community and gain important contacts. Pictured below is Darren Miller, President of Hydrological Solutions, speaking to a potential client about the benefits of Aqua-Barrier.


Haqua barrierydrological Solutions is an international company serving companies from coast to coast. We look forward to continuing to spread the word about our unique Aqua Barrier design to provide support and aid to companies looking for a viable solution to their dewatering projects.
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Hydrological Solutions Success Story: Tri-State Utilities Aqua Barrier Project

Hydrological Solutions Success Story: Tri-State Utilities Aqua Barrier Project

Hydrological Solutions was proud to service Tri State Utilities with our Aqua Barrier Cofferdam.  Tri State Utilities is located in Virginia.  They specialize in commercial trench-less pipe repairs and storm drain cleaning.  Since 1996, Hydrological Solutions has been providing companies the cofferdams they need to keep emergency storm protection systems in order. Our aqua barriers proved to be an important asset in the dewatering of Tri State Utilities work site.

This project specified the need to provide an aqua barrier for water that was six feet in depth. We provided Tri State Utilities with two Aqua-Barriers that inflated to eight feet in height and fifty feet in length. Steven A. McSweeney, President of Tri State Utilities, said he was very pleased with Hydrological Solutions. “Service was flawless and the product worked perfectly,” said McSweeney. The two Aqua-Barriers blocked the water in a stream into which the storm drain fed. By creating a clear, dry work site, the coffer dam allowed Tri State Utilities to repair the storm drains in a timely, safe manner.

Cofferdam AnatomyBased out of Texas, Hydrological Solutions consistently services the entire country and beyond.  The Aqua-Barrier’s innovated internal baffle design continues to be the gold standard in the construction industry for water inflated dams.

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Aqua Barrier Cofferdam Formations

There are a variety of cofferdam formations for different project requirements.

Repairs and construction can be very time consuming and expensive.  You have to factor in the materials, time, and labor that produce the best results.  When a project worksite requires a dewatering process, it is important to consider factors such as ease of installation and removal, labor requirements, and effectiveness.

The Aqua Barrier Cofferdam provides the best of all three.  The ease of use and installation allows you to commence your projects in a timely manner without delay.  Each worksite is extremely different, and considering a cofferdam for your project requires many details and specifications to be met.  The Aqua Barrier Cofferdam is extremely versatile in its design and can be used for multiple projects and worksites given the variety of available formations.  Each formation provides the most effective water and flood control based on the worksite requirements.  Below is a  list of the different formations and protection that cofferdams can provide:

Complete Enclosure FormationComplete Enclosure

A complete enclosure formation is beneficial when access to the shoreline is difficult or when a large amount of linear footage is required to reach your work area in the water.




Partial Block FormationPartial

When projects are located in moving water, a partial block formation can be the best option for a cofferdam design.  Since it is not feasible to use a pip diversion or a water pump to maintain upstream water levels, the Partial Block formation of a cofferdam can be the most viable option for dewatering your construction or building site.



Canal Block FormationCanal

A Canal Block Formation is beneficial when working in narrow channels because the system requires only one installation and removal.  Water pumps can be utilized to maintain appropriate upstream water levels.




Straight Shoreline FormationStraight Shoreline

A Straight Shoreline Formation is best utilized when a work area is located in a recessed cove.




Entire Shoreline Enclosure DesignEntire Shoreline

An entire shoreline enclosure design is useful when only one installation and removal is required in the work are.





Multiple Staging ConfigurationMultiple

Multiple Staging Configurations are beneficial when the scope of work involves a large expanse of shoreline because the barriers can be installed and removed in short order.



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