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A Game-Changing Tool for Waterpark Construction & Repair

A Game-Changing Tool for Waterpark Construction & Repair

A Game-Changing Tool for Waterpark Construction & Repair

Waterparks have long been a favorite place for families to relax, unwind, and have fun. The blue water, many slides, and laughter give them a playful, low-key atmosphere that effectively masks their many upkeep and maintenance challenges. You are most likely all too familiar with the difficulties of underwater construction and repairs and the necessity of dewatering. The method you choose to remove and store water in the pool areas can have a significant impact on the time and ease with which you complete the project. Many contractors rely on the Aqua-Barrier® inflatable cofferdam to expedite the construction process while maintaining a fun and safe environment for waterpark guests.

Traditional Methods used to Dewater Pool Areas

  1. Sandbags have long been the go-to dewatering method. While this option will work, the challenges it presents can cost you more time and money. You will need to either prefill the bags and transport them to the site, or fill them with sand onsite. The bags will also have to be manually placed at the site. After all of this, water can still escape through cracks.
  1. Cofferdam with Retention Pool. A traditional cofferdam can also be used with all of the displaced water stored in a retention pool. This method requires time to set up the cofferdam, create the pool, and to move the water. It will necessitate additional funds for tools and supplies.

Waterpark Construction: Using a Water-filled Cofferdam

The Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam’s water-filled design makes it the perfect solution for waterpark pool area construction projects. Take a look at how it could save you both time and money:

  1. Installation is Fast and Simple

The cofferdam is filled with the very water you need to move so it goes up quickly. The time and effort required to drain water is significantly reduced and there’s no need to move fill material.

  1. Molds to Area with Airtight Seal

Since the Aqua Barrier® is filled with water, it molds to the environment forming an airtight seal. The shape of the pool area and waterpark features that may normally get in the way will not interfere with the Aqua-Barrier® system. This makes it versatile and easy to use in pool areas.

  1. No Need to Drain Entire Pool

image024Aqua-Barrier®, when strategically placed, can be used to section off the portion of the pool you need to work on while leaving the rest available for revenue-generating use. If additional room is needed for water to be stored, use Aqua-Barrier® in conjunction with Insta-Tank® to store water and maximize pool water conservation.

As you can see, the Aqua-Barrier® water inflated cofferdam system has multiple benefits. This is why it has been used in various applications worldwide including Schlitterbahn in Galveston, Texas and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Dewater Your Pool Areas with Aqua-Barrier®

Simplify your waterpark construction projects by dewatering pool areas with Aqua-Barrier® inflatable cofferdams. Save time, save money, and improve the bottom line for you and your clients. Contact Us for more information on how a water filled cofferdam can help speed up your waterpark construction or repair projects.

Aqua Barrier Cofferdam Formations

There are a variety of cofferdam formations for different project requirements.

Repairs and construction can be very time consuming and expensive.  You have to factor in the materials, time, and labor that produce the best results.  When a project worksite requires a dewatering process, it is important to consider factors such as ease of installation and removal, labor requirements, and effectiveness.

The Aqua Barrier Cofferdam provides the best of all three.  The ease of use and installation allows you to commence your projects in a timely manner without delay.  Each worksite is extremely different, and considering a cofferdam for your project requires many details and specifications to be met.  The Aqua Barrier Cofferdam is extremely versatile in its design and can be used for multiple projects and worksites given the variety of available formations.  Each formation provides the most effective water and flood control based on the worksite requirements.  Below is a  list of the different formations and protection that cofferdams can provide:

Complete Enclosure FormationComplete Enclosure

A complete enclosure formation is beneficial when access to the shoreline is difficult or when a large amount of linear footage is required to reach your work area in the water.




Partial Block FormationPartial

When projects are located in moving water, a partial block formation can be the best option for a cofferdam design.  Since it is not feasible to use a pip diversion or a water pump to maintain upstream water levels, the Partial Block formation of a cofferdam can be the most viable option for dewatering your construction or building site.



Canal Block FormationCanal

A Canal Block Formation is beneficial when working in narrow channels because the system requires only one installation and removal.  Water pumps can be utilized to maintain appropriate upstream water levels.




Straight Shoreline FormationStraight Shoreline

A Straight Shoreline Formation is best utilized when a work area is located in a recessed cove.




Entire Shoreline Enclosure DesignEntire Shoreline

An entire shoreline enclosure design is useful when only one installation and removal is required in the work are.





Multiple Staging ConfigurationMultiple

Multiple Staging Configurations are beneficial when the scope of work involves a large expanse of shoreline because the barriers can be installed and removed in short order.



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Summer is Coming Soon!

Summer is Coming Soon!The weather is starting to warm up, a sign that summer will soon be upon us.  That means that pools are beginning to be used again, the people are going to be out and about more at events, festivals, cookouts, and more.  What do these things all have in common?  They require water reserves.  Well, we have a product that can make the storage, transport, and use of all that water easier: our InstaTank™, your temporary water solution.

Our heavy duty vinyl InstaTank™ is compact, portable, and rapidly deployed.  It also comes in a variety of sizes, holding from 50 gallons to 90,000 gallons of fresh water.

  • Need to repair your pool? Conserve water and money by draining your pool into a reusable InstaTank™.
  • Hosting an event or festival? Use an InstaTank™ for water storage.
  • Having a cookout? InstaTank™ works great for portable cook wagons.
  • Want to harvest rain water to use during the dry season? InstaTank™ works for that too.
  • Do you need something that can hold water and provide a continuous flow that you can control? InstaTank™ can do that also.
  • There is even an InstaTank™ that is completely potable and made from a material that is approved by the USDA for drinking water purposes.


Let us provide you with the temporary water storage solution that you need.  For more information about this and other products and services, contact us at Hydrological Solutions today!