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Is the Aqua-Barrier® the Dewatering Solution You Need?

Is the Aqua-Barrier® the Dewatering Solution You Need?

Is the Aqua-Barrier® the Dewatering Solution You Need?

Inflatable bladder dams are flexible, eco-friendly and quick to use. Most systems are installed in just one day, ensuring that you stay on schedule. No more putting projects on hold while you wait for costly dewatering. Time is money, and with an inflatable bladder dam, you can save both.

Aqua-Barrier®: The Ideal Dewatering Solution

Flexible, inflatable bladder dams are the tool of choice for dewatering. They’re easy to inflate, repair and are completely reusable. Aqua-Barrier® inflatable bladder dams are the most cost-effective way to dewater your site.  This prevents water from reentering the job site during construction. That is just one of the distinct differences that set the Aqua-Barrier® apart from other dewatering solutions.

1) Superior Construction

The Aqua-Barrier® consists of industrial grade vinyl coated polyester. This fabric features a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. The result is a durable, strong material made to withstand harsh conditions and a variety of terrains. This material allows for easy repairs, is reusable, and can be stored compactly.

2) Innovative Stabilization Method

Aqua-Barrier® inflatable bladder dams use internal baffles that lock into place when the barrier is exposed to uneven water pressure. (This occurs as water drains from the worksite.) The amount of inflated barrier above the water level is called freeboard. To ensure stability, there should be at least 25% freeboard.  Aqua-Barriers® will shift to stabilize when exposed to uneven water pressure. In some cases, weak soil or hazardous conditions may require additional freeboard.  

3) Sizes for Every Scenario

Whether you’re working on a small residential boat ramp or large bridge, the Aqua-Barrier inflatable bladder dam can work for you.  They come in a variety of sizes, which makes it a versatile product for your worksite.

4) Easy Installation

Bladder dams are easy to install, no matter if you have no water, standing water, or moving water.  Installation calls for minimal manpower and machinery.  Inflatable bladder dams are easy to remove when dewatering is complete.  

Staying Competitive

Construction projects operate on tight schedules with firm deadlines.  Delays not only set the project behind but set the budget back as well.  With the Aqua-Barrier® inflatable bladder dam there is minimal installation time, and removal leaves no trace of the device. It’s a simple solution to a big problem!

You can spend days hauling sandbags and dirt to your worksite, or you can Contact Us to learn more about inflatable bladder dams.

5 Incredible Ways Aqua-Barrier®Saves Money Dewatering

5 Incredible Ways Aqua-Barrier®Saves Money Dewatering

Dewatering your worksite is a necessary step anytime water is present on a worksite. Due to frequency of use, it presents an opportunity for significant time and cost savings. Your choice in dewatering solutions can make a huge difference in your project completion efficiency. The Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam is designed to save you significant time and money in the following ways.

Increase Your Dewatering Efficiency

There are many facets of the dewatering process that present an opportunity to save time and money. Aqua-Barrier®’s design allows you to take advantage of every opportunity. Consider these 5 ways you can save money with the Aqua-Barrier® Solution.

1) Installation

The Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam installs 3-5 times faster than other methods using minimal manpower and equipment. Aqua-Barrier® is made of a flexible PVC material. As it fills, it molds to the environment
forming a seal to control the surface water in your jobsite. Installation time is just a few hours for most projects. In construction, as you know, when you save time, you’re also saving money.

2) Post-construction cleanup

Using the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam requires no post-construction cleanup. At the end, you return the water to the source and roll up the cofferdams for storage
until next use. This translates to cost savings as it saves you additional time on the back end.

3) Reusable and versatile

The Aqua-Barrier® Solution is reusable and infield repairable with minimal downtime.This saves you money over sandbags, which serve a one time use and require special disposal. Aqua-Barrier® is also versatile, ideal for restraining water, containing water, diverting water, hydra testing, flood protection, and more. One product covers many types of projects.

4) Materials disposal

With the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam, there’s no need for materials disposal. With sandbags, you have to pay to have them removed properly. If you’re using dirt, you’ll have to take time after the project is completed leveling the dirt berm or removing it. Aqua-Barrier® is simply deflated, rolled up, and returned.

5) Man labor

Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdams require minimal man labor for deployment and removal. They’re designed to minimize the total labor needed for your dewatering process. Saving you man hours saves you money. On average, a team of 6 workers, 2 track hoes and (2) 8HP Pumps is all you need to install the Aqua-Barriers®.

Save Time, Improve Your Bottom Line

Traditional dewatering solutions such as sandbags take significantly more time in preparation, installation, and cleanup. You’re always looking for ways to improve your overall efficiency and shorten the duration of project completion. To that end, consider making the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam your go-to dewatering solution. Contact Us to learn more about how Aqua-Barrier® could improve your dewatering process, or for more dewatering resources.

Determine Accurate Water Depth for Your Worksite with a Sonar Fish Finder

Determine Accurate Water Depth for Your Worksite with a Sonar Fish Finder

When dewatering your worksite it is important to know the depth of the water you will displace. You need to match the height of  your Aqua-Barrier® temporary cofferdam to the water depth. If your cofferdam is too short, it will not be adequate to dewater your worksite. Judging depth of water can be challenging, though. Use this guide to learn how to use a sonar fish finder to more easily measure the water depth of your next worksite.

A Better Way to Find an Accurate Water Depth for Your Worksite

Fishermen use sonar fish finders to locate fish under the water and find ideal fishing spots. They also use them to avoid hazards such as shallow waters, logs, and rocks. Designed to display everything beneath the surface of the water, sonar fish finders are ideal for accurately measuring the water depth of your worksites.

How a Sonar Fish Finder Works

A sonar fish finder is composed of two parts: a transducer and a display. Sound waves are sent into the water by the transducer, which bounce off of things and then back to the transducer. The transducer interprets the data, estimating the size and depth of the objects, and sends this information to the display. The display converts this information into a graphic representation of everything below the surface of the water.

Using a Sonar Fish Finder at Your Worksites

It is extremely important to know the depth of your worksite when determining what height your Aqua-barrier® Cofferdam needs to be. The Aqua-barrier® is placed around your worksite and the water inside the barrier is used to inflate it. Any excess water is then displaced to a holding area. If the Aquabarrier® is too short, it will not effectively keep the water out of your worksite. Use a sonar fish finder to easily measure the depth of your worksite and the height of the cofferdam you will need. With this height, the length, and other information, use our Aqua-barrier® Cost Calculator to determine the cost of the cofferdam you will need. There is no easier way to determine the depth of the water.

Make Measuring Water Depth Much Easier

It can be a challenge to determine the accurate water depth for your worksite, yet it is crucial when dewatering with an Aqua-barrier® Cofferdam. Contact Us for more information on how to use a sonar fish finder to measure the water depth for your next Aqua-barrier® installation.

Water Diversion with Aqua-Barrier®  Temporary Cofferdams

Water Diversion with Aqua-Barrier® Temporary Cofferdams

pump-aroundWorking on a construction gig that requires you to dewater a worksite? As you know, not all dewatering jobs are the same. Sometimes you can completely block off the water for the duration of your project and others you will need to create a diversion to keep the water flowing smoothly while you work. Often dewatering projects require cofferdams to be installed bank-to-bank across streams, rivers, or similar small bodies of water. Since these bodies of water cannot be fully blocked, water must be diverted to maintain a healthy flow.  

Water Diversion for Streams, Rivers, and other Bodies of Water

Hydrological Solutions has had many years of success with using diversion pipes and by-pass pumps along with Aqua-Barrier® cofferdams to safely redirect water at construction sites in or near streams, rivers and other bodies of water.  

Used by Contractors All Over the World

Contractors and project managers love the versatility of the Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam system and continue to successfully deploy the water-inflated dams with diversion for many projects all over the world.  This combo comes in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of different construction sites. Cofferdams and diversion pipes can also be set up in numerous formations depending on the shape of your worksite.  

Most Cost-Ediversion-with-intake-installedffective Solution for Dewatering with Water Diversion

Quick and easy to deploy, the Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam system has saved many contractors both valuable time and money.  Because time is money in the construction industry, this has quickly become the most cost-effective dewatering solution with water diversion in the world.

Learn More

If you and your crew often work on sites that require dewatering with diversion, the Aqua-Barrier® may be just what you’ve been looking for. Contact us to learn more about this innovative dewatering solution and find out which formation will work best for your next project.

Aqua-Barrier®: Your Environmentally Friendly Dewatering Method

Environmentally Friendly Dewatering Method: Aqua-Barrier®Social consciousness about the environment has never been stronger and you can see it reflected in the media, social media, and legislation. You may feel a personal responsibility as a global citizen, want to protect your public reputation, or you may just want to make sure you are compliant with current regulation. No matter how you look at it, it’s in your best interest to be environmentally conscious with every aspect of your projects. Aqua-Barrier® is your key to an environmentally friendly dewatering solution. Consider the following:

Your Next Project’s Environmentally Friendly Dewatering Method

Dewatering a project site causes a considerable disruption to the local ecosystem and can harm the wildlife if not done properly. Aqua-Barrier® is an easy-to-install water-filled cofferdam that makes your dewatering process environmentally friendly for you. Here’s how:

  • The water you need to displace is used to fill the barriers, so no foreign material needs to be brought in to the worksite.
  • Nothing below the surface is affected because Aqua-Barrier® sits on top of the surface.
  • At the end of the project, the displaced water is simply drained back into its place of origin leaving behind no debris to clean up.
  • The barrier material is non permeable, allowing nothing to leak through the barrier membrane.
  • The barrier material is “soft” in nature, no sharp edges that could be harmful to plant and wildlife.
  • Aqua-Barrier© can be installed by hand to further minimize the environmental impact.
  • Aqua-Barrier© installation requires less fuel and energy than conventional cofferdams, making them the eco-friendliest dewatering solution.

Aqua-Barrier®: Environmentally Friendly Dewatering MethodBest for the Environment, Best for You

The Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam takes all the work out of making your dewatering process eco-friendly while saving you money and time. Hydrological Solutions specializes in cost effective and environmentally friendly temporary cofferdams in the construction industry using water inflated dams including the Aqua-Barrier®. To learn more about environmentally friendly dewatering methods, Contact Us.