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3 Types of Removable Flood Barriers

3 Types of Removable Flood Barriers

3 Types of Removable Flood Barriers

For business owners in Houston and along the coastline, floods are an ever-present danger. Rising water can cause thousands of dollars in damage and set work back by months, if not worse. Unfortunately, preparing the building itself for water damage can only do so much. You as a business owner can protect your investment by using removable flood barriers, easily installed and quickly removed once the danger has passed.

Flood Barriers Ideal for Businesses

A one-size-fits-all flood barrier simply doesn’t exist. For different circumstances or locations, different types of barriers will be more helpful. However, three particular types could prove incredibly useful for many business owners:

  1. Conventional cofferdams
  2. Metal flood barriers
  3. Inflatable bladder dams

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1) Conventional Cofferdams

Usually made of steel or concrete, a conventional cofferdam provides a sturdy solution for blocking flood water. However, its design and components often require ample time to set it up, not to mention the additional costs of labor and supplies.

2) Metal Flood Barriers

A metal flood barrier, also known as an EzDam, fits snugly across doors and entryways to keep water from getting in. These mini-dams usually average between 3-4 ft tall and are easily removable when not required. For most businesses, an EzDam provides quickly accessible and easy-to-install protection against flooding.

3) Inflatable Bladder Dams

Perhaps the most cost-effective and simple flood barrier design is the bladder dam. This design resembles a massive balloon filled with water. When needed, an inflatable dam can be placed and filled with floodwater in just a couple hours, holding back further flooding and providing protection just as reliable as its steel cousins. This rapid deployment method can save valuable time and prevent further damage to your business.

Pro Tip: A fully inflated Aqua-Barrier can hold back up to 6 feet of water and silt. Keep your business safe from floodwaters.

Finding the Best Flood Barrier System

Every business owner in a flood-prone area should remain aware of the risks and prepare for the worst. No one can predict flooding with exact accuracy. The best course of action is to find a quality, easily moveable flood barrier and be ready to use it.

Not sure which flood barrier can help your business the most? Join the conversation to speak with our flood control experts about reasonable flood protection for your commercial business.

5 Resources for Understanding Water-Filled Flood Barriers

5 Resources for Understanding Water-Filled Flood Barriers

Flood barriers are essential for dewatering your construction site.. Especially if your company is located in an area prone to flooding, staying informed of flooding solutions could prove very useful. Fortunately, plenty of free online resources can teach you everything you need to know about water-filled flood barriers and protection.

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How Can You Educate Yourself?

Featuring videos, downloadable files, webinars, and more, HSI Solutions is your one-stop shop for learning about flood barriers. Browse our library to stay informed and be ready when the next flood hits.

  1. Video library
  2. Free webinars
  3. Literature
  4. Cost calculator
  5. Info pages

1) Video Library

The HSI video library shows the proper way to install the Aqua-Barrier for flood protection as well as construction work. You can also access archived podcasts, charity spotlights, dewatering demonstrations, and more in this section.

2) Free Webinars

Once a month, HSI hosts an online webinar on a topic relevant to construction, flood prevention, or dewatering. Best of all, the webinars are completely free to register for! Just specify which webinar you’d like to attend.

3) Literature

HSI archives their most up-to-date product brochures with key product information. If you’re looking for more detailed engineering info or product specifications, HSI provides both easily accessible via our website.

Pro Tip: A flood barrier can be the only protection your business has against a flood. Take advantage of these free resources and make sure you make the right decision.

4) Cost Calculator

If you’re still on the fence about using a water-filled inflatable barrier instead of a concrete or earthen dam, check how much money the switch could save your company. HSI’s Cost Calculator analyzes your immediate need and produces a detailed price breakdown for the Aqua-Barrier and a traditional dam within seconds. In almost every scenario, you can cut your budget by more than half.

5) Info Pages

The product pages themselves are also good sources of information. The page for HSI’s signature Aqua-Barrier showcases potential uses, dimensions when inflated, special features, and more. Another page shows the proper installation method. Even a casual browse can answer many of your questions about this inflatable flood barrier.

Choose Wisely

Don’t put off learning about dewatering solutions–you never know when you’ll need something fast. With the help of these resources, you can teach yourself about different types of flood barriers and which is best for your company.

Join the conversation to see what flooding solutions other construction managers chose.

3 Essentials for Dewatering Your Construction Site

3 Essentials for Dewatering Your Construction Site

Dewatering is critical, especially when you need to access an area that is submerged. It’s necessary to find a reputable solution both for the safety of the workers and the quality of the finished product. This Cofferdam Cost Calculator can help you find the most efficient and cost-effective dewatering solution for your construction site. Because of this, your company should choose only the absolute best dewatering systems and equipment.

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Which Dewatering Equipment is Best for Your Company?

As you shop for dewatering equipment, consider how much water you will need to move and how quickly you have to finish.  The answer may surprise you. Inflatable cofferdams are simple to install, cost less than other dewatering methods and are safe for use in natural bodies of water and swimming pools.

  1. Research the Market to Spend Less
  2. Shorter Installation Time
  3. Safe to Use in Man Made & Natural Dewatering Applications

1) Research the Market to Spend Less

Our water filled dams are three to five times less costly than traditional cofferdam methods. An inflatable cofferdam is also reusable, eliminating the need to spend valuable time and money constructing an expensive new cofferdam at every construction site.

Pro Tip: Inflatable cofferdams are quick to install, keeping downtime at a minimum.

2) Shorter Installation Time

Earthen or concrete cofferdams can take an entire workday to construct, not to mention the additional time spent pumping water out of the worksite. Meanwhile, inflatable cofferdams take less time to set up and allow your crew to get to work faster. Not only are they fast, but an inflatable cofferdam will also safely hold the water pumped out of the worksite, providing a strong, reliable barrier.

3) Safe to Use in Natural and Man-Made Dewatering Applications

Aqua-Barrier inflatable cofferdams are built to be safe in any type of construction zone. Their strong material allows them to support the weight of the water you need to remove. Rather than removing the water entirely, the Aqua-Barrier temporarily inflates with the water so you can complete construction. This ensures that any natural wildlife is not disturbed during your dewatering process. 

Preparing for Your Construction Project

Dewatering doesn’t have to be a costly challenge. With the right equipment, a dewatered construction site will be an easily accessible and safe place to work. Research both the site conditions and the dewatering techniques available to you to get started.

Curious about other dewatering methods? Join the conversation to speak with our high-quality inflatable cofferdam experts about the best dewatering solution for your project.

Aqua-Barriers: The Next Big Thing in Flood Protection

Aqua-Barriers: The Next Big Thing in Flood Protection

There is one thing no one can escape, and that’s a natural disaster. Luckily, with today’s advancements in technology, we can more accurately predict where disasters are going to occur in nature and therefore be more prepared. This can be especially important when it comes to flooding and protecting your industrial or commercial business. Instead of using older techniques to protect your business, like sandbags, the Aqua Barrier®  is making waves and has become the next big thing in flood protection. If you are wondering how to protect your assets during a flood, here are 5 reasons why you need to consider an Aqua-Barrier Water Inflated Dam. Click To Tweet

Why Use an Aqua-Barrier to Protect from Flooding?

Not being protected during a flood can be devastating to your business. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of small businesses that close during a natural disaster (like flooding) won’t reopen again. With statistics like these, it is imperative to take the right precautions and know what to do after a flood occurs. An Aqua-Barrier can help protect your business or commercial property from flooding and here are five reasons how it can help protect during a natural flooding disaster:

  1. Easy Installation
  2. Prevent Invasive Waters
  3. Save Time and Money
  4. Eco-Friendly Alternative
  5. Versatile with Various Terrains

1) Easy Installation

The Aqua-Barrier®  is easy to install before a flood devastates the area and can cause damage. The inner baffle is filled with water, inflating the dam in minutes, creating a safe barrier around your workplace, industrial or construction site.

2) Prevent Invasive Water

Everyone knows how flood waters can damage valuable assets, but you can guard your business by placing the Aqua-Barrier®  around the premises. It is created to help to prevent invasive water from damaging your property.

3) Save Time and Money

Many people are used to using old-fashioned sandbags to prevent against flooding, but this takes time and manpower to carry and stack them around your property. Not only do they take time to place them, but they also take a  lot of time to remove them after the flood, as well.

ProTip: Using an Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam saves time and manpower compared with using traditional sandbags for protecting your business from a flood.

4) Eco-Friendly Alternative

While sandbags require Hazmat procedures for disposal, the Aqua-Barrier can easily be deflated and stored for future use, making them the eco-friendly alternative to flood protection.

5) Versatile with Various Terrains

Another reason the Aqua-Barrier® is the next big thing in flood protection is it can successfully installed and used on many types of terrain. Depending on the dam need and size, your Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam can be inflated and working within two hours or less.

Flood Prevention and the Aqua-Barrier Inflated Water Dam

Always have your business be as prepared as possible when it comes to flooding. When you invest in an Aqua-Barrier® inflatable cofferdam, you can make sure to keep the water out and your business dry, making the Aqua-Barrier the essential tool for flood prevention.

Contact us to learn more reasons the Aqua-Barrier is the next big thing in flood protection.

Happy New Year from Aqua-Barrier

Happy New Year from Aqua-Barrier

2018 has zipped along in the blink of an eye! This is the time of the year we pause and reflect, analyze the year behind us and look ahead with great anticipation for the year to come. We consider what went well and look for opportunities for growth. Now that 2018 is behind us, here's a look at the year with Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Water Dams. Click To Tweet

HSI Services- Your AQUA-BARRIER Provider!

Remember, HSI Services are the AQUA-BARRIER people. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we offer flood mitigation expertise for construction, water storage, and flood control. More than just AQUA-BARRIER providers, we are excited to provide you with our streamlined services and new products.

5 Key Advantages to Using Water Inflated Dams

Improved Products and Accessories

We have made our Aqua-Barrier Cofferdams even better with key enhancements and upgrades. Our temporary cofferdams now feature a stronger, heavier fabric. We have also instituted superior quality assurance equipment, and improved our repair process, as well. You can also now find accessory features with us such as floatable fittings, reflective safety strips, and patented lifting loops.  

The Flood Recovery Guide for Businesses

Aqua-Barrier: Always Ready to Serve

At Aqua-Barrier, our goal is to continually improve our quality and increase the value we bring you. We strive for innovation, finding effective and cost-efficient ways to solve problems.  We are excited to continue giving you the best products and services in water management and making your job easier, faster, and better.

The Importance of Dewatering Precautions to Ensure a Safe Work Site

Looking Forward to 2019

We take great pride in providing the best solution for dewatering and flood mitigation. We thank each one of you for your continued partnership and trust. At Aqua-Barrier, we are excited to continue giving you the best products and services in the industry in 2019. Here’s to a festive New Year’s Eve and all the very best in 2019. Happy New Year!