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Construction Site Dewatering: Why You Should Get an Aqua-Barrier Soon

Construction Site Dewatering: Why You Should Get an Aqua-Barrier Soon

Construction Site Dewatering: Why You Should Get an Aqua-Barrier Soon

Construction projects are rather unpredictable in their timetables. Even if your plan seems flawless, something will happen that you simply can’t control and set your project back. Whether there’s an accident, weather delays, or just a problem with supplies you ordered, you’ll most likely encounter time-consuming problems on a construction job.

Fortunately, there’s one area of your project that you can be confident in: getting your Aqua-Barrier on time. HSI Services is dedicated to providing you with the equipment you need exactly when you need it. Wondering how to get your Aqua-Barrier as quickly as possible?

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What Fits Your Budget?

The first step toward buying or renting an Aqua-Barrier is determining how much you can spend. Using our Cofferdam Cost Calculator, input the size and shape of the cofferdam you need and compare it against conventional cofferdam prices. In most cases, you’ll pay twice as much for a conventional dam as you would for an Aqua-Barrier.

Will the Aqua-Barrier Work in that Environment?

If you aren’t sure how the Aqua-Barrier will respond in your particular work environment, try plugging the information into AquaComp. This detailed computer program simulates the behavior of an inflated cofferdam in the work environment you specify, giving you a very informative look at what you can expect. Don’t let your work setting take you by surprise! Test everything ahead of time in a simulation and prepare accordingly.

Pro Tip: AquaComp’s simulation may show that you need a different cofferdam than originally planned. Keep trying until you find the correct type and dimensions you need.

Reserve Your Aqua-Barrier

Summer, the busiest time of year for construction projects, is coming to a close. That doesn’t mean Aqua-Barriers are just up for grabs, however. It’s always best to reserve your inflatable cofferdam as far ahead of time as you can to make sure you get exactly what you need when you need it. Don’t wait too long and get stuck with the wrong size.

Optimize Your Construction Project!

The Aqua-Barrier is designed to make your job easier. We’re ready to make sure you get this critical addition to your project as quickly as possible once you’ve ordered it. As long as you don’t wait until the last minute, you’re guaranteed to get an Aqua-Barrier quickly and start work on your construction project!

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Safety Features of the Aqua-Barrier

Safety Features of the Aqua-Barrier

A partially submerged construction site comes with a few surprise challenges you wouldn’t encounter in a more conventional construction setting. Whether you’re concerned with dewatering or making sure your worksite is visible to others, there are several important factors to consider. Fortunately, the Aqua-Barrier comes equipped with multiple safety features to make sure your workspace is safe and watertight.

An Aqua-Barrier is designed for more than just lower costs and environmental friendliness. For many dewatering projects, the choice to use an inflatable cofferdam is also one of the best decisions regarding workplace safety you could make. Let’s look at a few key features that make the Aqua-Barrier a remarkably safe choice for a safe construction project.

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Reflective Tape (Available for Purchases Only)

Anyone who enjoys biking or jogging at night knows the importance of having reflective clothing or accessories to make sure drivers can see you. Likewise, a construction site active after dark needs to be visible for both safety’s sake and to make sure that the already-completed work isn’t damaged. If your construction site is surrounded by an Aqua-Barrier, you have an excellent option for nighttime visibility: reflective tape, available for purchased inflatable cofferdams. This highly reflective accessory will ensure that anyone passing by can see the edge of your construction site and know where to avoid.


The Aqua-Barrier’s durable material will rarely rip or tear, but when it does, you’ll need repairs pretty quickly. Fortunately, the manufacturer can easily make your inflatable cofferdam as good as new. In the meantime, use a specially designed patch to seal up any tears and keep using your Aqua-Barrier until you can have full repairs completed.

Simple Connections for a Watertight Seal

For large-scale construction projects, you may end up needing more than one Aqua-Barrier to completely enclose your worksite. Fortunately, while there’s no way to truly link multiple cofferdams together, you can do the next best thing by stacking the ends. The durable material of an inflatable cofferdam creates a watertight seal that guarantees your safety as you continue working. Keep water and debris outside your construction zone with this dependable seal.

Pro Tip: The seal works best if your Aqua-Barrier is installed correctly. Make sure you know the right ways to unroll and inflate your cofferdam.

An Excellent Construction Choice

For many construction projects, the multiple safety features and design offered by the Aqua-Barrier provide a huge advantage. Whether your worksite needs heightened visibility to reduce accidents, or whether you’re just concerned that water might get back in, an inflatable cofferdam will keep you confident and secure.

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Aqua-Barrier Rental Services

Aqua-Barrier Rental Services

The Aqua-Barrier can help your business in multiple ways, depending on your exact need. This versatile cofferdam is a durable, very effective form of water management used as a construction accessory, a method of flood control, or even a water storage tank. Regardless of your needs for water control, the Aqua-Barrier can probably help you out.

Buying an Aqua-Barrier also costs far less than building a concrete cofferdam or stacking sandbags to hold back water. But not everyone wants to buy an inflatable cofferdam. Maybe it will only be used once, or maybe they just can’t wait long enough for a new one to be shipped. Whatever the case, there’s another option available: renting an Aqua-Barrier!

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Time-Sensitive Projects

Have you ever found yourself in a project that needed to be completed very quickly? Alternatively, maybe you need a flood control solution immediately for an upcoming tropical storm. Whatever the case, buying an Aqua-Barrier and waiting for it to arrive may not be an option. However, renting one removes most of your waiting time. HSI always keeps a supply of rental inflatable cofferdams in stock that can ship quickly. Speed up your project with a rented Aqua-Barrier!

Single-Use Projects

Even if you have plenty of time to spare, maybe you don’t think you’ll need a water-inflated cofferdam in the near future again. In that case, buying one and keeping it permanently may not be as cost-effective as just renting. Once you’re done, send the cofferdam back and you’re finished! Don’t worry about storing or reselling it yourself.

Pro Tip: If you’re renting the Aqua-Barrier for flood control, consider how often flooding happens in your region. You may end up preferring to buy an inflatable cofferdam if it’ll get used a lot.

Remove the Burden of Maintenance

If you don’t use the Aqua-Barrier too frequently or don’t have a convenient way to take care of it, renting one prevents you from having to care for and store your inflatable cofferdam once you’re done using it. Just send it back to HSI. Save yourself the time and maintenance trouble once your project is done!

Aqua-Barrier Rental for Busy Professionals

Whether you can’t afford a full purchase or simply won’t use the Aqua-Barrier that often, renting can be the perfect choice to save your business time and money on an inflatable cofferdam. Take advantage of the best water management technology on the market and keep your expenses well within your budget.

Connect with us with any more questions about our equipment rental services for your business.

3 Flood Control Methods for Hurricane Season

3 Flood Control Methods for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season lasts until November 30. Is your business ready to deal with the potential flooding and severe weather we could be facing over the next 4 months? Before the water starts rising, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary preventive steps to keep your business safe.

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Keep Flood Damage to a Minimum

Water damage is one of the most devastating forms of destruction a business can face. To keep your workplace safe, make sure you’ve implemented these 4 crucial steps ahead of time:

  1. Practice using an Aqua-Barrier
  2. Secure flood insurance
  3. Backup your business 

1) Practice Using an Aqua-Barrier

Setting up and inflating a water-filled Aqua-Barrier around your business will help keep rising waters away. But before the flooding starts, make sure you know how to properly install the barrier! Review the installation methods and practice inflating and unrolling the Aqua-Barrier in the place you need it to be. Once the time comes, you’ll be ready to quickly set up the Aqua-Barrier and protect yourself.

2) Secure Flood Insurance

If you live in a flood-prone part of the country, flood insurance may be mandatory. Whether it’s required or not, a business located on the coast should always make sure to have excellent flood insurance in case of a disaster. Apply through the federal government’s flood insurance program.

Pro Tip: In tandem, flood insurance and well-built flood barriers are excellent ways to protect your business this hurricane season.

3) Backup Your Business

Property damage isn’t the only concern in a flood. Valuable information and client data can also disappear from water-damaged computers and equipment in your business. Backup every single piece of business information and history in a secure location, whether in cloud storage or in a separate office less prone to flooding. Don’t let a natural disaster cripple your business.

Protecting Your Workplace from Flooding

Unfortunately, there isn’t a realistic method to completely prevent floods from happening. However, you can easily take steps to protect your business and keep water damage as minimal as possible. Your coworkers and budget will thank you for using smart flood control methods.

Connect with us for more information on protecting yourself during hurricane season.

Why Choose a Water-Inflated Cofferdam for Swimming Pool Repairs?

Why Choose a Water-Inflated Cofferdam for Swimming Pool Repairs?

Pool repairs or routine maintenance require dewatering part of the pool so a crew can work in safety. Naturally, the remaining water must be held back with a sturdy barrier to prevent leakage or wasting water. For most pool construction or repair projects, a water-inflated cofferdam can hold back the water as well as provide a place to store the excess.

A water-inflated cofferdam such as the Aqua-Barrier can provide the same benefits as a typical water barrier for pool construction while making the entire process easier. By saving time and resources, an inflatable bladder dam proves itself to be a valid and beneficial choice for a pool construction crew.

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Conservation of Water

For typical pool construction, the entire pool has to be drained and refilled once work is done. Using an Aqua-Barrier not only allows you to keep a good portion of the water in the pool while you work, but it also stores the excess water in the barrier itself. You may have to add a little water back into the pool afterward, but the amount will be significantly less than before. An inflatable dam is designed to serve as good water storage as well as a construction barrier.

Pro Tip: With an Aqua-Barrier, your commercial pool can remain open to the public during construction. The barrier will prevent water from spilling into the construction zone and maintain an environment perfect for swimming on the other side.

Save Time

An Aqua-Barrier requires less time to install in a large-scale construction project. In a public pool, you can count on the water dam to be the quickest option. Additionally, remember that you no longer have to drain and refill the entire pool, just part of it. A bladder dam could cut your construction time down by hours or even days!  

Guaranteed Protection

In addition to being the perfect dewatering solution for a pool project, the Aqua-Barrier guarantees a safe environment for your construction crew. The vinyl is incredibly durable. On the rare occasion that the lining needs repairs, patching is a quick process and doesn’t necessarily require the barrier to be removed from the water. Your crew is in good hands with a safe choice like the Aqua-Barrier.

The Best Dewatering Solution

An Aqua-Barrier provides a perfect balance of safety, ease, and speed for your next swimming pool construction or repair project. Take advantage of a bladder dam to speed up the necessary work and allow your pool to stay open to the public in the meantime.

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