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Aqua Barrier for Sediment Control and Shoreline Restoration

Aqua Barrier for Sediment Control and Shoreline Restoration

Need a Cofferdam To Provide Sediment Control?

was used to provide sediment control during the bridge construction of the JFK Causeway in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Cofferdams are a more effective and environmentally safe alternative to sandbags.

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A six foot aqua barrier was used to separate harmful work site emissions from sensitive aquatic wildlife during this construction project:


An aqua barrier is a proven and innovative method for creating a dry work area for construction. Pictured below was a project done on the Fox River in Elgin, Illinois. 300 linear feet of 7 foot high water barriers were installed in less than 7 hours. Just imagine how quickly you could get your next dewatering project completed:


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4ft high Aqua-Barrier with 3ft of water depth MIDDLE

Need to restore a shoreline?

This shoreline stabilization project on Lake Kegonsa in Wisconsin was 150 linear feet. These 4 foot aqua barriers helped to protect the shoreline while the crew completed the project:

This shoreline restoration project pictured below in Reno, Nevada was a huge success with the help of our temporary dams. 400 linear feet of 6 foot high barriers were installed along the shoreline. The crew got right to work repairing the shoreline and didn’t have to worry about the water flooding the area:

150 linear feet of 5 foot high inflatable dams were installed in Eagle Lake, Texas for this shoreline stabilization. It took a crew of 6 men and 3 hours to get the aqua barriers in place! Imagine how much time you could save on your next project!