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Pipeline Construction Water Barrier

Pipeline Construction

Do you have a pipeline construction project that requires a dry work area?

Gain an edge on your competitors and save time and money with HSI Services environmentally friendly cofferdam to dewater your worksite.

Our water barrier is the answer to your pipeline construction needs!

Protect yourself, your crew, and the success of your pipeline project with a HSI Services aqua barrier!

Pipeline inspections are another great use for a water barrier.
This photograph was taken of a corrosion inspection on Grant Creek in Bemidji, Minnesota. The contractor was supplied with 6 ft and 3 ft high inflatable dams for the varying water levels. With a HSI Services water barrier, there is no need to worry about what you will need to complete the construction dewatering. We will provide you with step-by-step installation instructions along with an equipment checklist. For many projects, an installer will be sent to assist your crew with the installation process.
This pipeline repair project was located in Texas City, Texas. The cofferdams gave the contractors the dry worksite they needed to complete the repair. They avoided the use of sandbags and reaped the benefits of using a cofferdam.

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Other Pipeline Construction Projects Successfully Completed Using The Aqua-Barriers®.

In Riverside, Arkansas this contractor used the 6 ft water barrier to create a dry work area, repair the pipeline, then protect the pipeline from future damage using revetment mats from Submar.
Pictured Below: Fox River in Yorkville, Illinois.