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Aqua-Barrier® Water Storage

Aqua-Barrier® Water Storage

Aqua-Barrier® Water Storage, formerly Insta-Tank™,  are made from a heavy-duty vinyl able to contain fresh water, and they are:

  • Portable
  • Rapidly Deployed
  • Reusable
  • Compact

Aqua-Barrier® Water Storage is also available in many sizes and can be used in truck transport or for ground installation. And, Aqua-Barrier® Water Storage is compact and lightweight allowing for easy storage, moving, and deployment. Be green with Aqua-Barrier® Water Storage!


The Aqua-Barrier® Water Storage has a wide range of uses:

  • Pool repair (water conservation)
  • Fresh Water Storage (cleaning)
  • Temporary Water Storage (events/festivals)
  • Rainwater Storage (commercial or residential)
  • Grey Water Storage
  • Portable cook wagons
  • Disaster areas
  • Irrigation

Potable and Non Potable materials available

Gallons capacity Dimensions Height x Width x Length Empty Weight In lbs.
50 9in x 2.5ft x 4.5ft 5
100 9in x 2.5ft x 9.5ft 10
150 9in x 5ft x 8ft 17
200 20in x 5ft x 5ft 11
250 20in x 5ft x 6.5ft 14
400 20in x 5ft x 11ft 24
500 30in x 7.5ft x 6.5ft 22
750 30in x 7.5ft x 9ft 30
1,000 30in x 7.5ft x 12ft 39
1,250 40in x 10ft x 10ft 43
1,500 40in x 10ft x 12ft 51
2,000 40in x 10ft x 15ft 64
3,000 50in x 12.5ft x 13ft 70
5,000 60in x 15ft x 14ft 90
10,000 60in x 20ft x 20ft 170
20,000 60in x 25ft x 29ft 309
40,000 60in x 35ft x 38ft 566
50,000 60in x 40ft x 42ft 715

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