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Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdams can keep your worksite dry and protect your property, allowing you to keep industrial facilities open during flood events – saving time and money.

Three components interact together to stabilize the Aqua-Barrier® Water Inflated Dam:

  • INTERNAL BAFFLE SYSTEM – The patented internal baffle(s) lock(s) into place when the barrier is exposed to uneven hydrostatic pressure on one side.
  • FREEBOARD (amount of inflated barrier above surrounding water level) – A minimum of at least 25% freeboard is required in all Aqua-Barrier® installations. Freeboard requirements may increase if the barrier is exposed or has the potential to being exposed to high water velocities (3 feet or more per second), slick soil conditions and other relevant hydrostatic conditions.
  • SURFACE FRICTION – Aqua-Barrier® also require surface friction to stabilize when exposed to uneven hydrostatic pressures. Barriers that are exposed to weak soils and/or slick conditions may require additional freeboard.


Aqua-Barrier® MasterFormat

Click link to view and download MasterFormat – Aqua-Barrier® MasterFormat

For more information, read Aqua-Barrier® product specification document: Aqua-Barrier® product spec

Aqua-Barrier® Stabilization Series