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Dredging, Intake/Outfall and River-crossing

Dredging, Intake/Outfall and River-Crossing

Do you have a dredging project that requires construction dewatering?

On Lake Seminole in Florida, 1500 LF of 5, 6 and 7 foot high Aqua-Barriers® were installed in just 10 hours! Imagine how long it would take you to sheet pile!

Need a dry worksite for your next intake/outfall construction project?

100 linear feet of 6 foot high Aqua-Barriers® were installed in less than 3 hours on this outfall construction project. Our dams have been simplifying the dewatering process and saving people time and money since 1996!

Have a river crossing project that requires a dry worksite?

Fox River, Burlington, Wisconsin:

Even the snow did not stop the water inflated cofferdams from assisting with this river crossing project. 425 linear feet of 6 foot high water filled barriers were installed in about 11 hours.

This system has been used world wide in various climates and has proven to be an effective and safe alternative to conventional methods of dewatering. Start saving time and money today! Stand out among your competitors by using this tried and true cofferdam method. 1-800-245-0199

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