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Designed to Last

Every Aqua-Barrier is manufactured with unique accessories to ensure long term durability.

Floatable Drain Ports

Floatable Fill Ports

Patented End Pipeloop

EZ Roller System

HSI Services, Inc. is proud to be an exclusive distributor of the EZ Roller System. If you’re the owner of an Aqua-Barrier, investing in an EZ Roller System is guaranteed to cut your dismantling time significantly.

How It Works

The EZ Roller is designed to roll your Aqua-Barrier water inflated dam with its slotted roller and ratchet arms. Due to its double ratchet roller relationship, you can trust to receive an even roll every time. Essentially, a small portion of the barrier is tucked into the roller and the handlebars work to guide the material through the device. In a matter of minutes, your Aqua-Barrier is folded up and ready to store with as little as two people.

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