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Concrete Repairs

Concrete RepairsTemporary Cofferdam

  • Do you have an underwater concrete repair?
  • Do you have a concrete repair project that calls for a dry worksite?
  • Are you a contractor faced with choosing a dewatering technique?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Aqua-Barrier® is the cofferdam for you! The contractor used 4 foot and 6 foot high Aqua-Barriers® to handle the various water depths in Braes Bayou located in Houston, Texas

The barriers were installed very quickly, so the crew got right to work on the concrete repair!

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Do you have canal or culvert work that requires construction dewatering?

We have the answer!

Aqua-Barriers® will make your canal or culvert projects much easier. They can be effortlessly installed so that you can focus on the project, instead of the dewatering.

  • The Aqua-Barriers® have fill ports, so you can easily fill them with any available water source.
  • The pipe loops on the ends of the bags make it easy to get the bags where you need them.
  • The drain ports allow for quick removal.

All of these features will make your next canal or culvert project a breeze! San Antonio, Texas: For this culvert installation, the Aqua-Barrier® was simply unrolled from the shoreline.

Once the Aqua-Barrier® is inflated using the water available on site, the crew goes to work installing the culvert!

8 foot high Aqua-Barriers® were used to complete this canal repair that required construction dewatering in Hoogeveen, Netherlands. The barriers form to the shape of the sloped banks, giving the contractors a complete seal.

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The Aqua-Barrier® was also used in this culvert construction in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Do you have moving water that requires diversion?

You could run a pump, but we have found that using a diversion pipe under the Aqua-Barrier® makes life much easier for you!

Take a look at some of the stream pictures we have from a job in Austin, Texas.

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