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Your Water Control & Construction Equipment List

Your Water Control & Construction Equipment List

Your Water Control & Construction Equipment List

Do you have the necessary construction equipment for your next project? Does your crew have what they need to work efficiently? With our wide range of water storage solutions and equipment rentals, our construction equipment list is a great way to ensure your worksite or remodel is fully prepared.

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Types of Equipment

Whether you’re in the middle of a building project or bridge reconstruction, there are different pieces of construction equipment that might be required. Don’t forget to ensure that your worksite is fully prepared so that your project is completed efficiently and effectively.

  • Aqua-Barrier Water Storage
  • Portable Pumps
  • Light Towers
  • Air Compressors
  • Blast Pots

Aqua-Barrier Water Storage

On a construction site, clean water might be hard to access and difficult to store. Our Aqua-Barrier Water Storage, formerly known as Insta-Tank is a lightweight solution for a wide range of scenarios. From storing water during a pool repair to keeping freshwater for portable restrooms, the reliability of our pillow tanks is unquestioned.

Portable Pumps

We offer multiple portable pumps to assist in dewatering and sewage removal. The trustworthiness and durability of our pumps will ensure that your project is completed seamlessly. With easy transport and quick access, we’re your source for rentable pumps. 

Pro Tip: If you’re in need of a dry worksite, the cofferdam is your ultimate solution. Instead of using sandbags, use water-inflated dams to protect your construction site. 

Light Towers

No matter what the weather or location, light towers are a necessity for your construction crew. With adjusted light settings and varying heights, our light towers are mobile and available for rent year-round. Moreover, don’t leave your crew in the dark! Make sure you have access to a light tower for your next project.

Air Compressors

Whatever power tools you’re using on you’re a construction site, you’re going to need an air compressor to keep them functioning. From jackhammers, sanders, grinders, to blasting systems, your construction crew will finish their project more efficiently with a compressor on site. Our selection of air compressors will be available in the near future. Contact one of our associates today!

Blast Pots

If your construction project involves abrasive blasting, it’s necessary to have a blast pot in your system. Whether you’re preparing a surface for coating or working to remove rust from materials, the blast pot is a necessary component for your crew. Our choice of blast pot systems will be available soon. If you’re interested in renting this piece of equipment, contact a member of our team today! 

Preparing your Construction Site

In the construction industry, having the proper equipment enhances the safety of your workers and the efficiency of your finished product. As you start planning for your next project, don’t neglect to rent the necessary equipment and prepare your worksite correctly.

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“Pillow Tanks” for Easy Water Storage

“Pillow Tanks” for Easy Water Storage

During relief efforts or natural disasters, it’s critical to be able to store clean drinking water or wastewater for disposal. With new technology and environment-friendly materials, “pillow tanks” are becoming the recommended resource for water storage.

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Aqua-BarrierⓇ Water Storage, formerly Insta-Tank™, is a pillow tank made from heavy-duty vinyl to store freshwater. With a number of different sizes, this way to store water transforms commercial use and emergency response.

What’s a “pillow tank”?

In a few words, a pillow tank is a collapsible storage container made of heavy-duty vinyl to hold liquid. When the container is filled to maximum capacity, the tank takes the form of a large pillow, hence the name. It’s also known as a bladder tank, collapsible water tank, or our renown Aqua-BarrierⓇ Water Storage.

Why would you store water?

There are a number of reasons why residential or commercial property owners might want to store water in a collapsible water tank.

  • Pool Repair: Store the chlorinated and clean pool water in a storage tank to conserve water and prevent unnecessary pool drainage.
  • Events/Festivals: Use a portable water pillow tank to store septic water temporarily for a large event or festival. 
  • Hurricane/Tropical Storms: Keep floodwaters at bay by setting up a tank to collect the dirty and contaminated water during natural disasters.
  • Irrigation: Protect your crops with the use of a portable tank to collect rainwater for droughts.
  • Relief Efforts: During emergency situations, store drinking water safely in a durable tank to minimize bacteria and provide aid.

Pro Tip: Depending on your environment, installation may look different for your pillow tank. Knowing the difference between dry ground and moving water is important for your pillow tank’s success.

Other Benefits of Aqua-BarrierⓇ Water Storage

Compared to other water storage solutions, Aqua-BarrierⓇ Water Storage is available in many different sizes so that you can easily transport your pillow tank. In addition, the portable and compact design allows any user the ability to store and reuse the tank as many times as necessary. This renewability feature conserves resources and saves money. Instead of having to dispose of contaminated liquids, you can easily fold the tank up for the next use.


From pool repair to relief efforts, there are a number of ways to use a pillow tank. The accessibility and reusability of collapsible water tanks make them a water storage solution that allows any user the ability to get their job done faster and more efficiently.

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4 Tips for Business Water Conservation

4 Tips for Business Water Conservation

According to the drought monitor on Drought.gov, a decent amount of southern Texas is currently experiencing a mild drought. This may come as a surprise to regions that have noticed an increase in cloudy weather and mild rain. However, the actual amounts of rain that have fallen are quite low. While we’re nowhere near emergency conditions of drought, now is the time to begin focusing heavily on water conservation in preparation for a potentially worse dry spell.

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4 Tips for Business Water Conservation, HSI Services, Waller, TX

Conserving & Storing Water

You may be surprised by just how much water your business consumes or wastes every day. Fortunately, you can take several steps to use less water and even store some water for particularly dry periods. You may have a few ideas of your own. Here are a few more to add to your strategies:

  1. Educate employees
  2. Install conservation-friendly technology
  3. Optimize your landscaping habits
  4. Store water for emergencies

1) Educate Employees

One of the biggest steps toward a business’s success is involvement from the employees. As you begin steps to use less water, keep your employees informed and help them understand what they can do to help. With their help and support, you can reduce your business’s overall water waste levels.

2) Install Conservation-Friendly Technology

How many gallons per flush do your business’s toilets use? Is that old faucet in the kitchen still leaking, wasting water and costing you more for water you don’t use? It’s probably time to upgrade several pieces of your business’s technology to more eco-friendly versions. At the very least, make sure that none of your fixtures are actively leaking water and creating a bigger problem.

Pro Tip: Leaking fixtures not only waste water, but can also damage your building and anything stored near the leak. Keeping these leaks sealed up is a good choice on multiple levels.

3) Optimize Your Landscaping Habits

Plenty of businesses have plants or nicely manicured lawns outside. While there’s nothing wrong with this convention, it does mean the plants consume a decent amount of water. Use a watering method like the InstaTank water storage bladder that releases water at a constant rate into the ground, allowing you complete control of how much water is used and when. This will both ensure your plants stay healthy and help reduce your water usage on the landscaping!

4) Store Water for Emergencies

During a dry spell, it never hurts to have some extra water stored away just in case. Use the InstaTank to store more water and buy plenty of bottled water to ensure no one goes thirsty. While it’s unlikely you’ll lose your access to water, the flow could be restricted if the weather gets too dry. It’s better to have plenty in storage than to be desperate later.

Improve Water Usage

There are almost always steps you can take in your business to improve water usage. By using less water, not only will you save money by reducing your water bill, but you’ll also help the drought end faster as less water is consumed or wasted. Try these strategies to increase your water efficiency!

Connect with us to learn more about how your business can save water.

Water Storage Applications for Bladder Cofferdams

Water Storage Applications for Bladder Cofferdams

Inflatable cofferdams serve more purposes than just blocking water. What if you need to store some water for later or transport hundreds of gallons of water to another location? For water storage, the Aqua-Barrier is an excellent way to store and transport water.

Depending on your needs, a bladder tank or cofferdam can store drinking water or non-potable water or even collect rainwater. The durable vinyl prevents tearing and keeps the water inside safe and clean. Regardless of why you need special water storage, the Insta-Tank water storage bladder is sure to help you.

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Compact, Portable, and Reusable

Similar to the Aqua-Barrier cofferdam, Aqua-Barrier Water Storage products are made of high-grade vinyl that is nearly impossible to tear. No water will leak out. These products are also conveniently sized for portability even when completely full. Just like the original cofferdam, these “pillow tanks” are fully reusable. Best of all, you can choose between two different versions of the Aqua-Barrier Water Storage tank depending on whether or not the water must meet safety standards for drinking.

Gradual Watering

You may need a steady stream of water released into the ground at a constant rate. If the weather stays dry and you can’t afford to wait for it to rain, the Aqua-Barrier Water Storage can help you out. Connect a few special pipes and you can structure the bladder to provide a constant stream of water into the ground at your specified rate. Adjust the flow as needed. The ground will stay as moist as you need it to. 

Long-Term Water Storage

A fully inflated Aqua-Barrier cofferdam can hold 9,000 gallons of water. While it won’t necessarily be safe for drinking, this water can be used for plants, refilling drying ponds, and more. This massive collapsible water tank will keep the water ready as long as you need it!

Pro Tip: Aqua-Barrier water storage products come in different sizes and types. Browse our full selection to find the right one for your unique applications.

Sustainable Water Storage

With potable water bladder tanks, you can be confident that your drinking water is safe from evaporating and being contaminated. Even with standard bladder storage tanks, there’s no risk of the tank leaking some of your water. For a reusable, sustainable method of long-term water storage, you can’t go wrong with Aqua-Barrier Water Storage.

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