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Using A Spill Barrier to Reduce Impacts From A Chemical Spill

Using A Spill Barrier to Reduce Impacts From A Chemical Spill

Using A Spill Barrier to Reduce Impacts From A Chemical Spill

If you’ve ever worked on a project with a high spill probability, you know the consequences it poses. If oil or some other contaminant were to spill into a water supply, ocean, river or work site, they’re not only ecological impacts but also economic, financial and publicity effects.

A spill barrier can prevent toxins and pollutants from spreading into pure sites and water sources. Unlike other spill barriers, the Spil-Stop water filled spill barrier has an innovative design that’s operated by inflating it with water. The internal baffle system stabilizes the barrier to keep it in place. A broad range of dimension availabilities allows you to customize the Spil-Stop for your specific needs.

A Spill Barrier Prevents Long-Lasting Consequences


Hydrological Solutions gives you different uses for the Spil-Stop spill barrier for many industry solutions. We have an emergency spill containment kit for on-the-go jobs. It’s compact making it easy to store, quick to deploy and fast to drain. Need to contain contaminated water from entering the main water supply? Our stream block can barricade it from spreading elsewhere. A truck spilling hazardous material can be dangerous. But, with the Spil-Stop, you can contain substances until proper disposal can be made.

Economic Impacts

  • Tourism
  • Fishing industry
  • Destroying Nature and marine life
  • Rise in prices
  • Human health

Financial Liability

Spilling incidents can produce expensive consequences. Depending on what state you’re in and who was at fault, your company could be held liable for financial responsibilities. Fines have dramatically increased in the last few years to millions of dollars for a spill incident. And, many states have created new laws that will place the financial burden on the company at fault. To ensure your company’s financial protection, use a spill barrier to prevent any harmful spills from occurring.

Bad Publicity

More is at stake than the money aspect of a spill. The damage your company endures afterward could be detrimental to your company’s public image as well. Many times, the effects are non-reversible leading to a downward spiral for your company’s success.

Executives Hold Responsibility

Executive and directors of your company are usually the ones held responsible for a chemical spill. They must be prepared to defend their company in court. This means using preventable spill measures ahead of time that will show the court you took appropriate action, should a spill occur.

When spills happen, containment is key. Don’t put your company at risk–use an effective containment device that will keep you from the damages to public image, finances, the economy, the environment and your company’s executives. Contact us today to learn more about our spill barrier solutions.

When Spills Happen, Containment is Key

When Spills Happen, Containment is KeyWhen harmful substances like oil, chemicals, or other contaminants end up where they are not supposed to be due to spills, it can mean disaster, especially if it happens in or near a water source.  Thankfully, Hydrological Solutions can help.

Our Spil-Stop water-inflated spill barrier can contain the spill until the contaminants can be properly disposed of.  It comes equipped with a patented internal baffle system that helps to keep it in place, and has joints that are watertight and overlap for maximum security from leaks.  The units can be joined end to end in a straight line or at any angle and come in standard or customized lengths to suit any situation.

The Spil-Stop barriers can be used for oil or chemical spills at a plant, spills that occur from truck wrecks involving tanker trucks carrying oil or other chemicals, and can even be used to block contaminated water from a stream or water source from spreading or entering a shared water supply.  Spil-Stop barriers can contain just about any surface spill, as long as the liquid being contained is no higher than three-quarters of the way up the side of the barrier and the surface on which the spill occurred is not porous where the liquid can seep across under the surface.

The Spil-Stop is quick to deploy, which is essential when trying to contain potentially harmful substances.  It is also easy to drain, roll, and store when the contaminants have been removed and is no longer needed.  It is also reusable, so it is environmentally friendly as well.

This product can be a very useful tool for oil and chemical plants, emergency response teams, and those that handle hazardous materials (Hazmat teams).

For more information about the Spil-Stop, or any of our other products and services, contact us at Hydrological Solutions today.