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Keeping the Fun in the 4th: A Guide to Safety

Keeping the Fun in the 4th: A Guide to Safety

Keeping the Fun in the 4th: A Guide to Safety

Everyone loves the festivities and all the food that comes with the 4th of July. It’s a great time to remember and celebrate our freedom, enjoy eating burgers and hot dogs, and watch the sky light up. As you prepare for this year’s celebrations, don’t forget about safety.

Your Guide to Keeping the Fun in the 4th

Due to failure to follow safety guidelines, burns and eye injuries from fireworks are very common around this time of year. FEMA issues a series of public safety announcements from the U.S. Fire Administrator, Dave Paulison each year. They also provide guidelines for safety with fireworks.

1) Keep it legal.

Before you light a single firework, make sure firework displays are legal in your area. Be careful to follow all your local laws regarding fireworks. The laws are there for protection, but they can only protect you if you follow them.

2) Supervise all children.

Most fireworks, even sparklers, burn hot enough to melt some metals. After Independence Day every year, medical workers see many injuries from fireworks, and many of the injured are children. Take extra precaution to monitor all children near your fireworks display. For very small children, consider glow sticks in place of sparklers.

3) Clear area and follow instructions.

Before you light a single firework, make sure the area is clear of people, animals, structures, vehicles, and flammable items. Only light one firework at a time and immediately back away. NEVER attempt to relight a dud. Wait a half hour, then soak in water before discarding it. NEVER relight or pick up any firework that did not fully ignite.

4) Dress appropriately.

Wear light clothing and try to cover as much skin as you can. Avoid loose clothing, especially shirts with loose sleeves. Make sure anyone who is igniting fireworks wears proper eye protection.

5) Be safe and ready.

Have a bucket of water nearby to soak used fireworks in before throwing away. Have several buckets of water and a water hose ready in the case of an emergency. Before you begin, designate several adults to help in the case of an emergency. One should be ready to dial 9-1-1 and the rest should stay nearby to help in case of a fire or an injury.

Safety Precautions for Workers in the Industry

OSHA is also concerned with workers in the fireworks and pyrotechnics industry. It’s the employer’s responsibility to protect all employees from death and serious injury. Make sure your employees remain vigilant to follow all safety guidelines this 4th of July. Refer to OSHA’s guidelines for inspections and other safety concerns for pyrotechnics facilities.  

Have a Safe and Happy 4th

Hydrological Solutions wishes you a Happy and safe 4th of July this year. We hope you enjoy your time with friends and family and all the festivities and food as well. Use this guide to keeping the fun in the 4th to keep it safe.

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Hydrological Solutions Gives Back

Hydrological Solutions Gives Back

We are proud of our service and commitment to excellence that allows for the continual growth and success of our company. We are fortunate enough to have a great network of collaborators and satisfied clients. It is always with a humble heart that we share our success with our community.

We are proud to announce our attendance and sponsorship at the 5th Annual Belles of the Ball Fundraiser benefiting The Lone Warrior Project.


About Belles of the Ball

The Belles is an organization created to engage the power, wisdom, and generosity of women within the Oil and Gas Industry to create a strong community outreach that focuses on fundraising through sponsored events. The Belles have held many successful gatherings, donated thousands of dollars to those in need, and have hosted guests of the oil and gas industry to fun and festive occasions year round!

The Lone Survivor Foundation



The Belles currently are dedicating their efforts to the Lone Survivor Foundation. Founded in 2010 by US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell (Ret.), the Lone Survivor Foundation restores, empowers, and renews hope to wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.


The goal is to donate $50,000 this year to support Lone Survivor’s new retreat facility at Crystal Beach, TX.

Aqua Barrier Hits The Road: Hydrological Solutions Exhibits at The FEPA Summer Symposium

Aqua Barrier Hits The Road: Hydrological Solutions Exhibits at The FEPA Summer Symposium

Hydrological Solutions packed its bags and headed to Orlando, Florida to exhibit at the 26th annual Florida Energy Pipeline Association Summer Symposium.

aqua barrierThe Symposium was held on August 12-14th.  Darrel Miller, President of Hydrological Solutions exhibited at the summit on the 12-13th.  The main goal Hydrological Solution’s attendance was to highlight our Aqua Barrier cofferdam.

Pictured Right: Hydrological Solutions Booth at FEPA


This was an excellent opportunity to education those in the pipeline industry about alternative dewatering solutions.  Inflatable cofferdams such as the Aqua Barrier, are a better solution to conventional dewatering options.  They are less expensive and more environmentally friendly than sandbags.  The Aqua Barrier is quickly and easily installed and disassembled in hours, contrary to steel cofferdams which can take days of construction, allowing work crews to continue their projects in a timely manner.





The FEPA Summer Symposium was a very fruitful and interesting event.  Hydrological Solutions was able to meet and greet many members in the pipeline community and gain important contacts. Pictured below is Darren Miller, President of Hydrological Solutions, speaking to a potential client about the benefits of Aqua-Barrier.


Haqua barrierydrological Solutions is an international company serving companies from coast to coast. We look forward to continuing to spread the word about our unique Aqua Barrier design to provide support and aid to companies looking for a viable solution to their dewatering projects.
Contact us today for more information on Hydrological Solutions Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam.

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Hydrological Solutions to Exhibit at the Florida Pipeline Association Summer Symposium

Hydrological Solutions to Exhibit at the Florida Pipeline Association Summer Symposium

FEPAHydrological Solutions is proud to announce our participation in The Florida Energy Pipeline Association.  The FEPA hosts this unique symposium which features an agenda that provides attendees with excellent opportunities to learn, network, acquire new contacts and stay informed about the latest industry trends.

Established in 1989, the FEPA provides useful information and education to members regarding the activities and actions of local, state and federal legislative and regulatory agencies and other relevant groups. concerning pipeline safety and efficiency within the state of Florida.


This will be Hydrological Solutions’ second year attending the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with pipeline companies and owners in person.  Our exhibition will bring more awareness of our products and hopefully new contacts.

We will be showcasing our Aqua-Barrier cofferdams at our exhibition. Aqua-Barrier cofferdams are an excellent solution to dewatering work sites for pipeline construction.  Their quick and easy installation allows for construction to resume in a timely manner.

The symposium will be held on August 12th-14th. Darren Miller, Hydrological Solutions’ President, will be presenting on August 12-13th.

Contact Us for more information, hope to see you all there!


May Social Event

WS0Jt6krYou Are Invited To Our May Social…

Please join Darren Miller of Hydrological Solutions as he teams up with Brown Integrity, Dimension Energy Services, Barrilleaux Inc., Cardno PPI, Nickel Rock, Crossbridge Compliance, Landshark, and NIS for our May Social Event.

The event will be held Thursday, May 28, 2015 from 4:00-6:30 pm at Blue by Massa’s (1160 Smith, Houston, TX 77002).

There will be delicious appetizers, refreshing beverages, and a drawing will be held for a gift card. We hope you can join us for this fun, networking event!

For more information, please contact Hydrological Solutions today.





Dimension Energy Services




April Social Event


April Social Event











HPA Fishing Tournament

HPA Fishing TournamentHydrological Solutions is sponsoring the 4th Annual Houston Pipeliners Fishout. We will be cooking our famous quail at this event.

The tournament is scheduled for June 6, 2015 and is held in and around the intercostal waterways and bays surrounding Port Aransas, Texas.

It will begin promptly at 6:00 am on Saturday. You are permitted to launch from anywhere, however your poles cannot cast until 6AM.

Event Dates and Times:

  • Check In: Friday June 5, 2015 5-11pm
  • Fishing: Saturday June 6, 2015 6am-4pmHPA Fishing Tournament
  • Weigh In: Saturday June 6, 2015 2pm-7pm

The HPA Fishing Tournament is put on each year to raise money for scholarships and for networking purposes.

Please stop by our cooking site on June 6th and try some of our delicious quail.

For more information on this event, please contact Hydrological Solutions or go to the tournament’s webpage by clicking on this link: Fishing Tournament.