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3 Essentials for Dewatering Your Construction Site

3 Essentials for Dewatering Your Construction Site

3 Essentials for Dewatering Your Construction Site

Dewatering is critical, especially when you need to access an area that is submerged. It’s necessary to find a reputable solution both for the safety of the workers and the quality of the finished product. This Cofferdam Cost Calculator can help you find the most efficient and cost-effective dewatering solution for your construction site. Because of this, your company should choose only the absolute best dewatering systems and equipment.

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Which Dewatering Equipment is Best for Your Company?

As you shop for dewatering equipment, consider how much water you will need to move and how quickly you have to finish.  The answer may surprise you. Inflatable cofferdams are simple to install, cost less than other dewatering methods and are safe for use in natural bodies of water and swimming pools.

  1. Research the Market to Spend Less
  2. Shorter Installation Time
  3. Safe to Use in Man Made & Natural Dewatering Applications

1) Research the Market to Spend Less

Our water filled dams are three to five times less costly than traditional cofferdam methods. An inflatable cofferdam is also reusable, eliminating the need to spend valuable time and money constructing an expensive new cofferdam at every construction site.

Pro Tip: Inflatable cofferdams are quick to install, keeping downtime at a minimum.

2) Shorter Installation Time

Earthen or concrete cofferdams can take an entire workday to construct, not to mention the additional time spent pumping water out of the worksite. Meanwhile, inflatable cofferdams take less time to set up and allow your crew to get to work faster. Not only are they fast, but an inflatable cofferdam will also safely hold the water pumped out of the worksite, providing a strong, reliable barrier.

3) Safe to Use in Natural and Man-Made Dewatering Applications

Aqua-Barrier inflatable cofferdams are built to be safe in any type of construction zone. Their strong material allows them to support the weight of the water you need to remove. Rather than removing the water entirely, the Aqua-Barrier temporarily inflates with the water so you can complete construction. This ensures that any natural wildlife is not disturbed during your dewatering process. 

Preparing for Your Construction Project

Dewatering doesn’t have to be a costly challenge. With the right equipment, a dewatered construction site will be an easily accessible and safe place to work. Research both the site conditions and the dewatering techniques available to you to get started.

Curious about other dewatering methods? Join the conversation to speak with our high-quality inflatable cofferdam experts about the best dewatering solution for your project.

3 Reasons to Choose Inflatable Cofferdam Designs for Construction Projects

3 Reasons to Choose Inflatable Cofferdam Designs for Construction Projects

Cofferdams, barriers to hold water back from a dewatered construction site, are a critical part of many construction projects. Traditional cofferdams made of wood and steel have dominated this part of the construction industry for years. The introduction of inflatable cofferdams, which can be filled with water conveniently available at these construction sites, presents a challenge to the traditional approach. While both have their pros and cons, inflatable cofferdams seem to be a better idea than steel.

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Why are Inflatable Cofferdams Better?

Inflatable cofferdams offer several advantages over their traditional steel counterparts. A construction company interested in saving time and landing more jobs should invest in inflatable cofferdams to help their business. Several key advantages of inflatable barriers include:

  1. Faster installation
  2. Doesn’t Disturb the Eco-System
  3. Easy to combine

1) Faster Installation

Did you know that up to 100 linear feet of a water-filled cofferdam could be installed in roughly 2-3 hours? Not only does this mean the job as a whole requires less time, but it also gives your company an advantage over other bidders for the job. If you can set up and complete the job faster than your competitors, you are far more likely to win the work contract.

2) Doesn’t Disturb the Eco-System

Inflatable cofferdams are environmentally friendly compared to other dewatering methods. The flexible material that the Aqua-Barrier® is made from can conform to irregular surfaces and various elevations. Furthermore, many dewatering solutions such as sheet pile cause turbidity which disturbs the natural environment; while Aqua-Barriers® do not. The water filled bladder dams can be temporarily used to store water for your construction site without bringing any foreign materials to your worksite. This is essential for protecting the plants and animals in the underwater eco-system.

Pro Tip: Inflatable cofferdams are made of a highly durable and flexible material, which makes them far more sturdy and reliable than their rigid steel counterparts.

3) Easy to Combine

Steel cofferdams can make expanding or reshaping your workspace difficult. Your crew has to dig up any concrete foundation and haul heavy building materials around. Worse, they have to dedicate valuable work time to bringing in more materials to expand the wall. Inflatable cofferdams make this process much easier. Because of their lighter material, inflatable barriers are easily moved or laid end-to-end in a short amount of time. The new or relocated dams can then be refilled as you dewater the work area again. The whole process can be completed in less time. 

Choosing the Best Construction Supplies

When you shop for construction site materials, your biggest concerns are likely cost, efficiency, environmental protection, and safety. A high-quality inflatable cofferdam can easily provide you the best value in all of those categories. Choose a model that works best for your projects.

Want to learn more about your choices in the cofferdam market? Connect with other construction professionals and see what their favorites are.

The Various Types of Flood Barriers

The Various Types of Flood Barriers

Extreme weather is impacting millions of people worldwide. Whether you live below sea level or near large bodies of water, flooding can pose a real threat. With hurricane season right around the corner, you want to ensure that your commercial business or construction site is protected from unpredictable rising flood water. Many people don’t realize that they need flood protection until it’s too late.

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Which Flood Barriers are the Most Effective?

Considering that the human population thrives near lakes, rivers, and oceans, flood control has been an ongoing mission throughout the years. While many people have been building flood walls and water barriers throughout the centuries to protect themselves and their valuables from rising water levels, the technologies have advanced to provide better flood protection alternatives. Here are four types of flood barriers, some of which are reliable and effective while others should be left in the past:

  1. Traditional Cofferdams
  2. Sandbags
  3. Inflatable Bladder Dams
  4. Metal Flood Barriers

1) Traditional Cofferdams

Cofferdams have been the go-to flood prevention method for countless years. Traditional cofferdams utilize sheet metal, wood, cement, or filler materials to create a temporary flood barrier against the powerful force of water. They’re frequently used around boat ramps, piers, and bridges to keep construction sites dry. While they are an effective solution, they require extensive labor and supplies to install and dismantle. This can lead to more downtime and a loss of productivity.

2) Sandbags

A number of people are still relying on sandbags as a flood protection option. The problem with sandbags is that it takes thousands of sandbags to create a flood barrier, and even then the method is far from perfect. Water still leaks through the cracks. Furthermore, the process of laying and filling sandbags is very time extensive and requires manual labor. When time is of the essence, you need a better flood protection solution.

3) Inflatable Bladder Dams

Have you heard of inflatable bladder dams? They are an innovative solution for flood control and dewatering. They inflate with the very water that you need to remove. Installation is quick and easy and requires very little equipment and manual labor. Since installation is fast, you’ll be saving valuable time and money.

Pro Tip: Since inflatable cofferdams are reusable, they’re an eco-friendly flood protection solution.

4) Metal Flood Barriers

Another effective solution to flooding is metal flood barriers. From Bottom Hinge Flood Barriers to HydroDefense Flood Plank Wall Systems, they offer superior protection for your commercial building. An advantage of metal flood barriers is that some come in adjustable heights so that you can eliminate the flood risk of high water. If you’re looking for reliable flood barriers specifically for doors, consider the advantages of metal flood barriers.  

Finding the Best Type of Flood Barrier for your Needs

Sandbags and traditional cofferdams have been relied on for flood protection throughout the decades. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the most effective solution. Instead, consider inflatable bladder dams and metal flood barriers as state-of-the-art solutions. Consider the cofferdam cost calculator to find the best deal on flood protection!

Want to know more about flood protection for your commercial business or construction site? Join the conversation to speak with our flood control experts today!

Water Management for Commercial Pools

Water Management for Commercial Pools

Summertime is right around the corner, so that means it’s time to get your commercial swimming pool in tip-top shape. Pools provide instant relief from the intense Texas sun in the greater Houston area. They’re typically packed with guests in the hot summer months. However, it can be quite difficult to drain the entire pool for repairs.

If you need to perform maintenance on your commercial swimming pool, but don’t want to drain the entire pool, the Aqua-Barrier® is perfect for you! You may have heard of cofferdams for construction projects or for flood protection, but you might not have known how they can be used for commercial pool repairs. Are you looking for a fast dewatering solution for commercial swimming pool repairs? Find out how Aqua-Barrier can make pool maintenance quicker! Click To Tweet

Leak Repairs

Pool leaks are bad news for swimming pool owners. These leaks are usually beneath the pool in the plumbing. This can be problematic when the entire swimming pool shell is filled with water. The innovative technology of our inflatable cofferdams makes them a go-to solution for repairing pool leaks.

Pro Tip: If you need to seal a leak in your commercial swimming pool, but don’t want to drain and waste all of the pool water; consider an Aqua-Barrier®.


Whether you’re planning swimming pool renovations before your commercial swimming pool is open or during summer days, our inflatable cofferdams can make it easier for your construction company to access the areas that need improvements. When your pool lining is worn and damaged, you probably want to update the shell before guests arrive. However, with the Aqua-Barrier®, you can still make renovations in peak summer hours. By retaining the water for the specific area you need to repair, the rest of your swimming pool can remain open for business.

Additional Features

Another improvement you may want for your pool is additional features. Maybe you want to install LED lights or add scuppers or waterfalls, you may need to access areas of the pool that are submerged. The Aqua-Barrier® inflates with the water and holds it while construction is being completed. This ensures that you don’t have to lose any of your pool water.

Inflatable Aqua-Barrier® for Commercial Pool Construction

If you’re planning your pool construction in advance, or need to make improvements during operation hours, the Aqua-Barrier is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to draining your pool.

To learn more about our inflatable cofferdams, chat with our Aqua-Barrier experts, today!


Aqua-Barrier® for Pipeline Construction

Aqua-Barrier® for Pipeline Construction

When it comes to construction projects, time is literally money. Every minute is extremely valuable, so wasting time is essentially wasting money. However, when a body of water is in the way of the worksite, like in pipeline construction, you might not realize that there is a fast dewatering solution.

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You’ve probably spent some time researching the fastest dewatering solutions for your pipeline construction project. Have you heard of an inflatable cofferdam? It’s a game-changer in pipeline construction. The innovative material inflates with the very water you need to remove. The Aqua-Barrier® is easy to transport, quick to install and will save you time and money. Keep reading to explore the amazing benefits of inflatable cofferdams.

Speedy Installation

Compared to other dewatering methods, Aqua-Barrier® is supreme. Considering how important minimizing downtime is during the construction process, water inflated cofferdams provide a solution. They can be installed in three hours or less! Furthermore, they require far less manpower than traditional dewatering methods such as pumping or sandbagging.


Another benefit of inflatable cofferdams is that they are completely eco-friendly. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that they can fit perfectly in your project, without disturbing the ecosystem. You don’t have to remove the water and worry about harming plant and animal life during your pipeline installation.

Cost Savings

The shortened installation time automatically saves you money, but did you know that you can rent the Aqua-Barrier®? If you just need a short term solution for dewatering your pipeline construction project, consider renting an inflatable cofferdam.

Pro Tip: You will save valuable time and money with our state-of-the-art dewatering method, inflatable cofferdams.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

You will save your resources while preserving the environment with the Aqua-Barrier®. And on top of this, you’ll stay ahead of your competition by increasing the number of projects you can complete in a shortened amount of time.

Would you like to learn more about our effective dewatering solutions? Join the conversation to speak with our team of hydrology experts.

Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects

Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects

Summertime is right around the corner so that means endless sunny days. In Houston, Texas, the heat and humidity are intense, especially in July and August. For many Texans, being near a swimming pool or at a water park is a necessity. If you own a waterpark, swimming pool, or even a boat ramp; now is the time to start planning summer construction projects to be ready for summer. Click To Tweet

How Can Inflatable Cofferdams Benefit your Summer Construction Projects?

Water inflated cofferdams provide a cost-effective solution for timely summer construction projects. When your work area is water filled, it can prove problematic for construction managers. While sandbags are helpful with smaller projects, a larger solution such as an inflatable cofferdam can improve your projects. Here are three construction projects that will benefit from an inflatable dam.

  1. Waterpark Construction
  2. Commercial Swimming Pool Repairs
  3. Boat Ramps

1) Waterpark Construction

Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects, Aqua Barrier, Houston, TX

If you need to make repairs to your waterpark structures, you probably think that you have to drain gallons of water. However, with the cofferdam, the construction process becomes a lot easier. Rather than filling your cofferdam with fill material, the Aqua Barrier® cofferdam fills with the very water you need to remove from the site. This makes the project simpler and significantly reduces repair time. You no longer have to waste all of the pool water, but instead can conserve it with the Aqua Barrier® water storage. Furthermore, the Aqua Barrier® molds to the area, forming an airtight seal so that the waterpark structures won’t be in the way.

2) Commercial Swimming Pool Repairs

Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects, Aqua Barrier, Houston, TX

The Aqua Barrier® inflatable cofferdam is a game-changer for commercial swimming pool repairs. Instead of draining the entire pool and closing for the duration of repairs, you can strategically use the inflatable cofferdam to hold the water in the specific part of the pool that needs repairs. Therefore, guests can continue to enjoy the swimming pool.

3) Boat Ramps

Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects, Aqua Barrier, Houston, TX

Another convenient summertime use of inflatable cofferdams is boat ramp construction and repairs. One of the biggest obstacles that construction managers must face is moving the water to access the boat ramp.

Pro Tip: While sandbags can be helpful, they’re not the best solution for boat ramp repairs, because water will still leak through the cracks.

Instead, use the Aqua Barrier® to effectively keep the work site dry and prevent water flow.  

Timely Summer Time Construction

Our inflatable cofferdams will save you time and money when you need to make repairs on your summer structures. In many instances, business can resume while construction is happening. This way, you won’t be losing customers.

Would you like to know more about inflatable cofferdams for summer construction projects? Join the conversation to speak with our Aqua Barrier® experts today.