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Bridge And Dam Flood Barriers

Dewatering Solutions for Bridge Projects

Bridge construction and repair requires a dry work site.  HSI Services provides an alternative to sheet piling and sandbags that is environmentally friendly and cost and time effective.

Cofferdams are your HSI Services!

We have been simplifying the dewatering process since 1996. Our cofferdams have been used on numerous bridge and dam projects throughout the world. It has proven to be a reliable and safe alternative to conventional methods. You can rest easy, because these flood barriers were engineered with your protection in mind.

  • Gain an edge on your competitors today.
  • Save time and gain peace of mind.
  • Don’t be concerned about the dewatering process.

We will provide assistance to your crew throughout the installation and dewatering process. This will help to eliminate the fear of using a new method, and allow you to focus on the actual project at hand.

We understand that time is money!

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Our water barrier system made this bridge repair much easier. Portable Water Dam 150 linear feet of flood barriers took just 5 hours to install on the Middlefork River in Queens, West Virginia. Imagine spending your valuable time on the bridge repair and not the dewatering process!

Eight foot tall flood barriers were used for this bridge construction in Houston, Texas. The flood barriers were placed upstream and downstream (as the illustration shows). When working with moving water, a diversion pipe can be used to handle the current. You can see how the inflatable dam contours to the slope on the banks.
150 linear feet of aqua barriers were used to complete this dam repair project in Dallas, Texas. The installation time did not exceed 4 hours. The rapidly flowing water does not pose a problem for this unique system.

Dunteman Oakbrook, IL

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