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Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam

Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam

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Cofferdam – The Aqua-Barrier® Solution

The Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam is an inflated, water-filled device essential for dewatering construction sites and as a flood protection tool to keep commercial properties safe from floodwaters. Its unique internal baffle system ensures a stable product that is safe to use while outperforming traditional methods like sandbags. Discover the Aqua-Barrier® difference by exploring the specific applications you require.


Engineering A Cofferdam

Now that you know about what our cofferdam water barrier can do to help prevent invasive waters from entering worksites and commercial properties, you may be wondering just how they work:

  • First, the cofferdam would not be able to withstand the pressure against invasive waters without having a sophisticated Internal Baffle System. Our patented internal baffle system will lock into place when the barrier is exposed to uneven water pressure.
  • In order for the barrier to remain stable, 25% freeboard is required. Freeboard is a term used to describe the amount of the barrier that is left above the water level.
  • Finally, our cofferdam requires surface friction to stabilize when exposed to uneven water pressure. If exposed to weak soils or other surfaces, the barrier may slide and require additional freeboard work as intended. Need additional freeboard or support? Please talk to one of our qualified representatives for details.

So how is it that our cofferdams are so effective besides the use of our unique internal baffle system? Our cofferdams are constructed from industrial grade vinyl coated polyester. This fabric is laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. This allows the barrier to be easily repaired, reused, and stored in compact areas and offer ease of handling.

Cofferdam Installation

We offer a representative to help your crew understand how to install and dismantle our products. There are two very basic ways to install our inflatable dam for dewatering projects. You will either be installing where moving water is present or in conditions that allow your crew to walk through static water.

  • If you must install the inflatable Aqua-Barrier® over moving water, you must first have a shoreline anchor to ensure the cofferdam does not float away. For more information about installing in moving water, click here.
  • If your work area includes only static water, your crew may unfold the cofferdam and walk to the designated area. For more information about installing in static water, please click here.
Aqua-Barriers® Cofferdam Instruction Manual – English and Spanish

Click to view and download the English instruction manual – AB Instruction Manual

Click to view and download the Spanish instruction manual – AB Manual de Instrucciones


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Our Aqua-Barriers® are built to help provide our customers the peace of mind they deserve when working in sensitive conditions.

For more information about Aqua-Barrier® cofferdams, please visit our FAQ. If you’re interested in our effective inflatable cofferdam solution, give us a call at 936-372-1222 or toll free at 800-245-0199. We look forward to hearing from you.