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Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam

The Aqua-Barrier cofferdam is an inflated, water-filled barrier that is essential for dewatering construction sites or restricting flood water. Its unique internal baffle system ensures a stable product that is both environmentally-safe and durable.

Compared to traditional water control methods that use small bags filled with water or sand, the Aqua-Barrier can be reused and repurposed for any application. Discover the advantages of our inflatable water dam to keep your properties secure from harm.

Construction Dewatering  Flood Protection

How Does a Water Barrier Work?

For construction projects or commercial properties located near water, having a flood barrier is crucial. Discover how three elements of the Aqua-Barrier work together to help prevent long term water damage.

  • Internal Baffle System – Pressure from nearby water is utilized within the internal baffle system to lock the cofferdam into place and keep it from floating away.
  • Freeboard – Stability is acquired once the barrier is 25% freeboard, or when ¾ of the bladder tank is below water level.
  • Surface Friction – Long term stabilization is ultimately found when surface friction works against uneven water pressure to maintain the adequate level of freeboard.
The Aqua-Barrier Advantage

Unlike any other water-filled cofferdam, the Aqua-Barrier is designed with materials that will stand the test of time. Construction from industrial grade vinyl coated polyester, the barrier is laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. Not only does this allow the barrier to be easily repaired and reused, but the foldable material makes storage and transportation accessible for any application.

How to Install the Aqua-Barrier

When you rent or purchase our water-filled barrier, one of our representatives will ensure that your team is able to handle it proficiently. From initial installation to the final dismantling, you can trust that you will have the tools needed for full operation.

There are two basic ways to install our inflatable dam for dewatering projects or flood protection. The type of installation will depend on whether nearby water conditions are moving or static.

  • In moving water, a shoreline anchor would be required to ensure the cofferdam doesn’t float away.
  • If your work area includes only static water, your crew will easily be able to unfold the cofferdam and walk to the designated area.
For More Information, Download the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam Instruction Manual

English Instruction Manual

Manual de Instrucciones

Do You Need Flood Protection?

Water is a powerful force of nature that can damage property and worksites without warning. Start preparing now with our effective water control solutions.

For more information about Aqua-Barrier® cofferdams, visit our FAQ or get in touch with our team today.